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Tutorial - 'Cooking Skill - Tutorial' by runeblade0

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A second article in the side skill series, the first being fishing!


Ok, i have already made the fishing tutorial, and i strongly recomand that you reed the fishign tutorail first, becuase most of this has to do with that, and i am not going ot re explain the leveling system again, so please take the time to read my fishing tutorail first. Ok then, lets get started.


Setting Up


OK, we will need 1 raw item, and 1 cooked item, i wil use trout, and cooked trout.

We need 4 common events, one to start the fishing skill, one to cook the trout, one to gain levels, and one to set the required xp.

You will need a few varibles, a random VAR, Cooking XP, and Cooking XP Set.

You will also need a event on the map.




Ok, lets start the common event cook salmon, it needs to be call.

We will need to have the event check to see if the hero has trout, Fork Conditions, item, torut, has it, add else case. Easy enough!

If hero has trout, then,

Change Random VAR, random set 1-2.

Fork Condtions Random VAR set 1, add else case.

If Random VAR is 1, then

show message, You cooked the trout!, add item cooked trout, change varible cooking XP +5.

Else Case:

show message, You burnt the trout!.

End Case: Remove item trout, change Random VAR set 0.

Else Case For First Fork Condtions: (one that checks for the trout), You dont have a trout in your invetory.

Their you go, we have the whole cook trout event set up, now lets make the stove.

Event: Push Key, show choice


(any other thing oyu want cooked)

Choice Trout:

Call Common Event Cook Trout

Choice: (other item)

Call common event ect.

You will need to start the skill, and set up the xp system, but it is not required, in fact, i would not use a xp system for the cooking skill. If you want however, then goto my other tutorial