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Tutorial - 'Variables for n00bs' by ATARI

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Another variables article for rm2k, this one aimed at new users!


Hi folks. I'm ATARI, heh, I'm new here, but thats okay... right?

I know there are a lot of Varibale tuts for n00bs out there but alot of the them are really confusing. Some of them don't even adress what variables really do. I guess it could be because the concept is kinda confusing, but I'll stop bablling and get the point.

Using a Variable:

Open up rm2k and make a new map or something. You can delete it later, just use it to work with variables.

Make an event, any event, make the event talk to you. Make another event, an event that will tell you how many times you've talked to the other event and a hero starting position.

Basically what happens is you talk to the event that just says something and then add 1 to a variable, then the other event will use the variable to tell you how many times you talked to the other event. Simple? Yeah, how does you make it work? Simple too.

Just double-click on the one event that just talks, and in the codeline put a message and then click on the variable button (change variable) in the menu that lets you chose what function you want to do. Within the variable option, create a new variable. To do this, just make sure the radio button is selected on 'one' in the choose variables, clik on the ... and make the variables name.

The next thing you want to do is on the set menu (with the + - * / mod, you should be albe to figure out what most of them do), click on the + and then under the operand, where is says set, put in a one. Hit ok.

What you just did is made is so it adds 1 to the variable everytime you talk to the event. Now for the other event...

Make a mesage box. in it put something like,

'You have talked to the event over there /v[x] times."

Lost? Proabably? What's /v[x]?

Well, /v stands for a variable, and the [x] is the number, just reaplace the x with like 1, 2, 3, which number? Well if you go into the variables screen and see the variable you just made, look beside it and see what number it has, for EX: 001, 002, etc. so 001 would equal 1, and so on. what the /v[x] (x=number of variable) does it is shows you the value of variable number 1, which increases +1 each time you talk to the over event. So it might say, "You've talked to that event over there 4 times" or something like that.

That's just the basics of variables. They are someithng you can store numbers into and subtract/add/multiply/dived etc with. Of course, you can do more with variables than use it for howmany times you did something. You can use it for cbs (EX: HP variable = 0 you get a game over)

If your lost, thats understandable. You can check out other tuts and also just experment with them. Once you figure them out though, they become simple, and besies, variables is one commonly used function in RPGMAKING.

Rember, even the greatest gamers were n00bs at one point!