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Tutorial - 'Thieving Skill Tutorial' by runeblade0

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The third in Rune's series of skill tutorials, this one concerning thievery fun!


Ok, so you have mining, cooking, gems, and fishing, what’s next, Thievery, yes, i will show you how to steal

from a NPC, not a monster, NPC. This tutorial will be broken into 3 different tutorials, i will cover

pick pocketing in this one. This will be fairly easy to set up, and it shouldn’t take much time, keep in mind,

each NPC will be its own event, there wont be any call events in this tutorial. We'll with that said, lets move


1. Pick Pocketing Tutorial (Y)

2. Disarming Traps and Picking Doors (N)

3. Stealing from shops and market stalls (N)

Before i begin i WOULD recommend you use a XP system, and i still will not explain it here, i am going to write a complete XP

system tutorial that way you could use that for quick reference.


Setting Up


You will need some items, as it is all up to you what you want to be stolen, ect. For now we will use

1.Theif Hand

2.Daimond Ring

3.Gold Sword

Of course, you will need the random VAR, xp, and XP set ect.




Ok, we will need a event on the map, make it a person, push key ect.

Page 1: NO Triggers Checked

Hello young man, how are you!

(You can make him say whatever)

Page2: Switch Enable Thief On

Show Message: You try to pickpocket the man!

Change Var (random VAR) set, 1-20

Fork Option: var (random VAR)-5 less (else case)

Change Var (random VAR) set, 1-2

Fork Option: var (random VAR)-1 same (else case)

Change Gold Held, Increase 15 gp,

Change var (XP) + 5

Else Case:

Add Item Diamond Ring

Change var (XP) + 5

Else Case:

Move Event this Event: Start Jump, face hero, End Jump.

Show message: Man: You little thief!

Show Battle Animation: x (whatever you want to take a hit)

Change HP( All Members) damage 999, impossible death.

End Case: change var (random VAR) set 0.




We'll there you have it, a whole thieving NPC; I have some extras that would improve the system, so read on.


Setting Up the "Enable Theft Switch"


Ok, we need a common event, call it Enable Thief, set as a parall process.

Fork Option (Hero has Thief Hand) equipped, no else case.

Change Switch Enable Thief On.

Now we need to have it so when the player fails to steal from the NPC, the switch turns of and he has to re-equip

the Thief Hand. So at the else case, right after the player takes damage, turn of Enable Thief Switch, and

change heroes equipment so that Thief Hand is no longer equipped.


Extra Consequences


Instead of having the hero take damage, you could have the NPC steal one of his items, or say the hero tries to steel from a

king, he could be thrown into jail, where he must pick the door to escape.


What’s to come?


Here is a list of what’s to come from me to (if everything makes it)


-Smithing (CMS)

-Crafting (CMS)




-XP System

-Enchanting System


Add Ons-

-XP System Add-On (I hope to make a ADD-ON system for the XP system, that way the skills would be much easier to program,

as i would like a XP System to be clear.

-Side Skill System (I would like to add all the side skills into one game, and distribute that for players)

-Runescape Battle System, or RBS (i would also like to try and program a runescape battle system, which would be great

to add on to the side skills.

Note: Anyone who uses my tuts must give credit in their game, and also must never be distributed anywhere but