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Tutorial - 'Mining Skill Tutorial Add On - Gem Mining' by runeblade0

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An add-on to the mining skill tutorial; how to improve the skill by allowing gem mining abilities!


Ok, to use this tutorial, you must first have my mining skill added to your game, this is a quit simple tutorial, and is very easy to use.


Setting Up


You will need 4 items, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond.




Go to your event on the map that calls the common event "Mine Iron", and follow these instructions.

Change random VAR set 1-50.

Fork Conditions if random var is 5 or below, add else case.

If random VAR is 5 or below, then

Change random VAR set 1-10

Fork Conditions if random VAR is 4 or below, no else case

random VAR is below 4, then show message, you mined a sapphire, add item sapphire.

Fork Conditions if random VAR is 8 or above,

show message you mined an emerald, add item emerald.

(I could keep doing all the way up to diamond, but you get the idea)

End Case: Call Event Mine Iron


There you go, a gem mining addition, I am working on the Smithing tutorial, for it will be a but harder because it requires a custom menu system.