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Tutorial - 'Pixel Art Mayhem: Raise the Roof!' by RPGoddess

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Besides the corny title, this tutorial covers tiling and skewing.


Pixel Art Mayhem: Raise the Roof!

In this tutorial, we will cover two basic techniques in pixel art: tiling
and skewing
. These are essential skills that will  help you make a
variety of objects, be it a complex cliff, angled walls, or a roof, which is
what we we'll be making today.

Start up Idraw as usual. Click File>New. Make a new drawing, about
320x240, 256 colours. Give yourself lots of room to play in. 

Setting up your palette to suit your drawing:

1. Double-click the spot for the first colour in your gradient. Select a
colour. Do the same for the last colour.

2. Left click the first colour, right click the second.

3. Hit the "Gradient" button. (Indicated on the picture as number

It should look like that after you're done.

Make the basic colour base for your tile. Generally, anything that's 4x6
works well. Other sizes work too, just make sure it's divisible by two, as it's
easier to tile that way.

Add the shading!

Now, onto the tiling. I started at the bottom. Note that I overlapped by 2
pixels both at the top and the bottom, and on the sides. That's so that it looks

I then copied the finished tile, and made a strip that was 1 tile by 3, and
added borders.

To skew the image to make the diagonal slopes of the roof, I took 1x32 px
slices of the tile, and pasted them along a 45 degree angle. 


After, I copied the slope, and added a border.

And, with a few finishing touches, the tile is done. The shading was done by
making another, darker gradient on the palette, then using a large airbrush on
very low opacity. (The opacity option can be found by going to View>Option.)