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Tutorial - 'Modified Message Boxes' by ATARI

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A tutorial on how to create custom message boxes to give your game some CLASS


It's ATARI again! I'm here to talk about how to changed sizes of boxes and such for messages.

If you want to modify your message boxes but don't want it transparent, you can do something to make the box smaller. How? Simple.

Go into IDRAW or some other program similar and make a box (for our tut it'll by 40 x 320, or width 80 and 180 height, which differes from the usual 320 width and 80 hight ). Leave room for the frame, then make the frame on the same pic.

Now your message box is done. All you have to do now is open up rm2k, make a common event, make it a call, and title it Modified Box Dispaly. In this tell it to display picture number 1 at either the very top, middle or bottom. (TOP = 160x 5y, middle = 160 x 110 y BOTTOM = 160x 190y) (The box which the message text goes in) and then go into message options, make the box transparent, put it on top, mid, or bottom and uncheck prevent hero from hiding. you're done with the first part.

Make another common event, name in modified box remove, make it erase pic number 1, and... oh wait, you're done.

How this works is you make a mesasge, and then make it small enough it fits in the box (for our size its 2 lines, for 60 3 lines, 20 1 line... etc) then call the display event, do your message, then call the remove event. It's just that simple. You're little custom sized MSG box will show up behind your text.

When you do this, I suggest you do it at the top, mainly because it looks silly in the middle and the bottom, and also you CAN make it transparent to nmake it look even cooler yet.

Good Luck! It's simple

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