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Tutorial - 'Thievery skill (party 2)' by runeblade0

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Another article by Runeblade0, this time an additional look at his thief skill process


Ok, so you have mining, cooking, gems, and fishing, whats next, Theiftry, yes, i will show you how to steal

from a NPC, not a monster, NPC. This tutorial will be broken into 3 different tutorails, i will cover

stealing from shops in this one. This will be fairly easy to set up, and it should'nt take much time, keep in mind,

each Shop will be its own event, there wont be any call events in this tutorail. We'll with that said, lets move


1. Pick Pocketing Tutorail (N)

2. Disarming Traps and Picking Dorrs (N)

3. Stealing from shops and market stalls (Y)

Before i begin i WOULD recomend you use a XP system, and i still will not explain it here, i am going to write a complete XP

system tutorail that way you could use that for quick referance.


Setting Up


We will need the thieft hand item, and that is it, we will also need the random VAR, xpand xp set.




Ok, you will need a event as a person, push key of course, a shop keeper is the purpose here poeple.

Page 1: (NO Triggers)

Would you like ot buy anything?

Call Shop

Page 2: (Switch Enable Thieftry ON)

Change var (random VAR) set 1-2

Fork Condtions (random VAR) 1- same (else case)

Call Shop

Else Case:

Show Messaage: Hold on i'll just be a minute!

Move this Event: Face Up, (the oposite direction)

Change var (random VAR) set 1-10

Show Message: Steal from the shop?

Show Choice: Yes, No

Choice Yes:

Fork Condtions: (random VAR) 3- below (else case)

Show Message: You stole some gp!

Change GP held (whatever you want)

Change var (XP) +X

Else Case:

Move this event (face down)

Show Message: You thieft

(whatever you want the consequnce to be)

Choice No:

Move this event (face down)

Call Shop


Please consult theiving part 1 to set up the Common Event "Enable Theivy)