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Tutorial - 'FF Style Airship' by polski

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Learn how to create an airship where you are able to enter the ship in mid-air flight just like in Final Fantasy! Also included: An ingame example of the tutorial!



Before you start this you should be familiar with the following things in RPGMaker 2000:
1. Set Password Function
2. Variables
3. Common Events
If you do not know how to work these then check the RPGMaker 2000 Help file or try your luck and take this as a first time learning them.

Also, All text like this is code used in the airship events

Now, let's get to work!

First you will need to create some variables that keep the position of the airship while you go in and out from it.

1. Airship Map - This variable should be set to Event -> Airship -> MAPID
2. Airship X - Set this to the Airship event as well, but have the variable be the events X coordinate.
3. Airship Y - Same as the X variable, but make this for the Y axis
4. Airship Status - Just a normal variable, set password will be used.

Basically, the last variable will be for Set password. Since ESC has the value of number 6 (In RPGMaker 2000), then the condition of the airship entry will be variable 0001=6.

Now that you have setup your variables you will want to create an actual map where you are able to walk around. Just a basic map nothing special. Once done that create a map that will represent the inside of the air ship. Finally, create a player starting position and a vehicle starting position somewhere on the map where you are able to walk around.

Alright, get ready - It's time for the gruesome coding part.

Create a Common Event with a Parallel Process and insert the following code into it:

Variable CH:[Airship Map ID]set, Airship Map ID
Variable CH:[Airship X]set, Airship X Pos
Variable CH:[Airship Y]set, Airship Y Pos
Enter Password:[Airship Status]

What was just done there is first you are giving Airship Map ID the value of the actual Map ID, this is done by going down to the Event drop down list in the change variable dialog box, selecting Airship and then selecting Map ID in the third box. On the final line you are giving the variable Airship Status to be the Enter Password, making it the variable that checks if you are in the airship or not. Ok, time to move on.

FORK optn: Airship Riding
(You will only want the following events to occur when you are on the Airship, Airship Riding is a switch checking if you are ON or OFF the ship)
Memory Place: [Airship Map ID],[Airship X],[Airship Y]
;What this does is memorize the place on the map you were on when you entered the airship
FORK Optn:Varb[Airship Status]-6
;Set Airship Status as 6 in the Fork Conditions Dialog
Erase Screen:Fade-Out
;This is a good idea to black out the screen because during the 'Go into ship' Process you are teleported back to main map so it would look odd if players saw this
;This teleport should send you to your main map, where you got on the airship.
Wait 1.0s
;Done so the parallel process event does not do everything at once which would cause a screw up.
Ride Vehicl
;Takes you off the airship (But no one can actually see it because screen is faded out)
Wait 1.0s
Setup Vehicle Place:Airship, V[Airship Map ID] (V[Airship X],V[Airship Y])
;This places the airship exactly where you had it when you hit ESC.
;This teleport should send you to the inside of the airship
Wait: 1.0s
Show Screen:Fade In

Well, you've done it! You've finished the hardest part of the tutorial! Now one final part must be added, this is returning back to flying the airship.

The following event should be activated when some kind of control is clicked on, You make up the control, be it a big control panel or a old fashioned steering wheel. Alright, here's some more code.

Messg:Ready to Depart?
Show Choice:Sure/Nah
:[Sure] Case
Erase Screen:Fade-Out
Goto Memorized Plac:V[Airship Map ID](V[Airship X],V[Airship Y])
;This places you on top of your airship on the world map
Ride Vehicl
;This puts you back into the airship, but now you are flying it.
Show screen:Fade-In
:[Nah] Case
;Do nothing
:END Case

Finally, we are done...a bit complicated and alot of variable work but it's all over now

If you would like an in-game example you can pick it up for download:
Download GW's In-game Airship Example - Be sure to read the 'GW-Readme.txt' file for infomration on running the game.