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Tutorial - 'RIpping a chipset using ZSNES' by bluemoogle

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Have you ever played those sweet Super nintendo games? How about on the computer? Well, now it's time you use their graphics for your game! Bwahahaha!


Ripping Tutorial
by blue_moogle

Ok, ripping is very easy once you have these programs!

2. Windows paint (yes, windows paint.)
3. Idraw or any PNG editor
4. A lot of time

Ok, I don't have the links for any of the programs above, but I'm sure gaming world does =D Ok, first load the rom you want to rip from (the rom is the game.) When you find a good place to rip from, press F1. A menu will pop up. Choose "Save snapshot."

Now close the game, or continue getting more snapshots. The snapshots are saved to the folder that the game is in (not where ZSNES is!). Open the screenshot using paint. Copy whatever you want. Now open up Idraw. Find a chipset that you don't really care about (or copy one.)

Now find a suitable place on the chipset, and paste it there. Boom, copy some more, or save what you have and use it. Have fun!

+Well, there is no notes. Just rip!

=by blue_moogle