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Tutorial - 'Creating a Tent' by Trent

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How do you make a Tent? If you don't know it is one of the easiest things in the world!



Step 1: The Item


First Make an Item saying Tent or Cabin (The disired item you wish to use).

Make the Classification a switch, Then number of uses 1(Or as man as you wish!) .

Put an explanation.

And the On switch as Tent or Cabin!

Available at feild (Unless you want that FF 8 Thing)

Your done with Step 1!


Step 2: The common Event


Heres the hardest part, And for a extra affect, If you want you can make a picture of a cabin or a Tent. If you do theres a better way to do this.

Make a common Event Saying Rest

Make it either a Parallel Process or an Auto Start.

Put appearance condition switch to Tent.

Try and make it look like this

Memorize BMG

Play BMG: (Your music)

Erase Screen: Fade-out

Recover: All Members- Recover

Fade-out BMG: 5s.

Wait 5s.

Show Screen: Fade-in

Play Memorized BMG

There ya go! You can add a Save Fork or a message if you wish! If you use the picture, then just insert the picture in there and set the screen tone instead of fade-out if you want it visible.

This is My first Tutorial, and most of you most likely know this, this is for the Newbs!