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Tutorial - 'Chipset Transparancy' by ATARI

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ATARI teaches us how to fix any problems with transparancy in our chipsets


Hi Folks! It's atari! I'm going to talk about a problem with charsets that really bugs me, and I'll explain how to fix it.

I don't know how common this is for you, but it's pretty common for me. I get a charset, then try to use it, then the backround of the charset shows on the charset in test play etc. (EX: if the background on a charset is green, the character is surronded by a large green box)

How to fix it? It's pretty darn easy. Open up Idraw, then open up your charset that doesn't work correctly. Now see what the backround color is and then look for it on the plattelte with all the colors. Now click on that color. Below you should see three slide bars.

(WARNING, before you do this, write down the 3 numbers that are there, if you don't, you might mess up the charset)

Once that is done, move the slide bars anywhich way, just so it makes a big color difference. Now look at your charset, you'll see the backround color surronding the character that aren't working. Now, just fill in the old backround color with your new "Huge difference" color. When you are done, change the slide bars back to where they were on the thing. (watch out with the one with green, it's kinda odd with that bar.)

Now open up rm2k and try the charset. It should work! Yay! Yay! Yay! If it doesn't try it over again.

Good luck

And remember,

"Even the greatest gamerz were n00bs."