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Tutorial - 'Inside Doors' by Mortifer

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A very simple tutorial showing a new rm2k user how to create interactive doors inside houses.


This is a tutorial on how to make doors inside a house which you open walk through and then
the door closes again.

Here goes!!

Make a map of the inside of some house with a room in it which you can enter from
a hallway or anything you like.
Then on the wall of the room which you enter then make an event where you are supposed to enter the room. Make the graphics a door that you want to use, make the "Event Start Condtion" to "push key" and the "Position" to "same level as hero".

That's it for that part.
Now on to the programming part!

Make a "Move Event" with "Object Character" to "this event", choose a opening door sound effect. (I use "open1") Then make make the door face right.
Under that make a fork condition.
On the second tab choose "Event" to "hero" and "up" on the FaceDir + click the "Add else case" on options.

Directly below that make another "move event" with "Object Character" to "Hero" and select "Start slip through, up, up and end slip through" in that order!

Then below the ELSE Case make yet another "move event" with "Object Character" to "Hero" and select "Start slip through, down, down and End slip through" in that order!

Finally under the END case make a "Wait event" to 0.5sec and below that another "Move event"
with "Object Character" to "this event" and select a new sound effect of the door closing. (Close1 or anything you like) And then make the door "Face Down".

That's it! The code should look like this!

<>Move Event: thisEvent, PlaySE ,FaceRigh
<>FORK Optn:Hero - Up Face Direct
<>Move Event: Hero ,Strt SlipTro, Up ,Up ,StopSlipTrou
<>Move Event: Hero ,StrtSlipTro,Down ,Down ,StopSlipTrou
<>Wait: 0.5s
<>Move Event: thisEvent, PlaySE FaceDown

It's pretty basic. Most of you probably know this already! It's basically for the n00bs.
I hope you enjoy it and keep working on your games!!! <>