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Tutorial - 'Real Time CMS clock' by ATARI

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A tutorial on how to create a clock for your CMS, much in the style of...well...most modern RPGs XD


Hi Folks! It's ATARI, I'm here to talk about how to make a real timer on your cms to show the time you've been playing. So you can see exactly and watch it go up and such. (If your confused, see FF7 menu, it has something like it)
What you'll need in this tutorial

1. A CMS
2. A understanding of what Variables are (optional but helpful)
3. A number chipster with all the numbers (including 0)
4. A decent amount of time.

First of all you have to make your clock system. I'll talk shortly on how to do this.

Make a variable - call it seconds
Make another variable - call it minutes
Make another yet - Call it Hours

Now open a common event, make it a parrell process

The CODE show look like this
Variable [xxx seconds] +, 1
Wait 1.0
FORK option
VARIABLE [xxx seconds] = 60
variable [xxx minutes] + 1
variable [xxx seconds] = 0
Fork Option
Variable [xxx minutes] = 60
variable [xxx hours] +1
variable [xxx minutes] = 0

Lost? I'll explain briefly. What this is it adds every 1 to the second varible every 1 second (xxx represents the number). and so on. Now go into your CMS.

Make a place in your CMS where it has enough room for hh:mm:ss, or two hour event spaces, two minute spaces, two second spaces and the little : in between (as shown on the hh thiga-mobober)

Now the REALLY REALLY HARD TIME 50 YEAR TIME CONSUMER, WON'T-BE-DONE TIL YOUR DEAD EVENT MAKING! HAA! (just kidding! Seriously though, it's actually pretty easy)

Let's start with the seconds.

Make an event, make it AUTO START, (thats what worked for me) and check the variable button. Now under the charset, get your 0 charset, put it for the graphic. Now in the variable box, type in 0. So it would say

x VARIABLE [xxx Second]
0 - Above (x = check)
That is what it would look like in the event screen. (if you can't find it, it's below the switches thing on the left hand side.
Wow! You got the first .3% done (not sure if thats quite right), but don't get discoruaged, the rest is easy. Just copy page, make a new one, change the 0 to a 1 and the event graphic to a one. Just keep on doing that till you get up to 59.

How to do it with numbers like 10? Simple, put ten in the variable box and make the graphic a 0, (because the last digit in 10 is a 0 right?) Do that with all the other numbers like 11, 24, 25Ľ, (okay, maybe not 25Ľ.)


Now the next event! The second part of the seconds. Make it display 0 for 0-9, then make it display 1 for 10-19, but to do a little short cut, just use one event for above 0 to display 0, about 10 to display 1, and so on. Do that for the second minutes and second hours too~

That should do it! Now you can see your play to keep going and going. Of course, if you want to go even farther (if your game is really long and goes over 99 hours, make another space like this hhh:mm:ss, and then do it.)

It should work, the only thing it really needs is some time. Good luck with your real time digital clock on your CMS!

"Even the greatest gamers were nOObs."


NOTICE: You can post this anywhere you want, just make sure you give me credit to it, (don't put it as your own, or else) I don't really care if you give me credit or not in your game, just don't say that you made it in your credits, or anywhere by yourself.

Good luck