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Tutorial - 'Showing Attack Names' by lion

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A way of showing attack names used in battle!


Usable for all levels of RPG Makers.

I'm using this style of showing attack names in my first game titled "Warriors of Nemia" (I have yet to make the demo). I thought a few of you newbies or even expert players would like to find a cool way of showing attack names without directly copying the FF3/6.

What you need:
1] A picture with the name of the attack.
2] A good sound effect.

Ok, here's how we do this. First make a picture of the attack name. I'm going to use "fireball" as the example in this tut. Now before you save the picture make sure that you can have a transparent color. When you import the picture with the transparent color it makes it look snazzy, but you don't HAVE t have the trsp. color.

Now I suggest that you change the screen tone so that Blue, Red, and Green are all at 100% and the chroma is at 50% BEFORE you show the name. Why? It puts more focus on the name. Just don't forget to make the screen tone whatever it was BEFORE you did the above.

Next you have to insert the picture. Now you can make the picture appear in a few different ways. For example, if you want the attack to slide onto the screen from the left then find the X coordinant and make it -50; for the right side make the X coordinante 50; for the top make the Y coordinante 50 and for the bottom make the Y coordinate -50.

Ok, now that you have that done what you need to do is find the sound effect that you want when the picture. I, being lazy, chose Attack 2 . You MUST place the sound effect BEFORE you move the picture so that it doesn't look bad.

Now that you have your sound effect click on move picture and change the X and Y coordinates to what you wish. Now click on Wait and you can wait for as long as you want, but 1 second is good. Now put in the sound effect again and move the picture back to its original coordinates. Don't forget to erase the picture and change the screen tone.

You're done! You can make the attack name move in any direction depending on its coordinates and you can even allow it to fade in/out with its transparency. If I confused you, I'm sorry, but I think this is pretty cool. In the end this is how my attack name style shoed in RM2K. I chose to show "fireball" from the left of the screen:

<>Set Screen Tone: (R100,G100,B100,S050), 1.0 (W)
<>Show Picture: 1, Fireball, (-50,120)
<>Play SE: Attack 2
<>Move Picture: 1,(160,120), 0.5 sec (W)
<>Wait: 1.0 s.
<>Play SE: Attack 2
<>Move Picture: 1,(-50,120), 0.5 sec (W)
<>Erase Picture: 1
<>Set Screen Tone:(R100,G100,B100,S100), 1.0 (W)

That's how it looks. Just remember that there are a LOT of events in there that you can make unique to you and your game. Thanks for reading and I hope you make reviews!