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Tutorial - 'Stat based attacks' by Loki

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A short tutorial on creating statistical based attacks!


Here’s my first tutorial, hope you like it. It deals with using skills based on your characters equipment, number of ssaves, escapes, victories, or states. I uses the DBS system.
First create your skill, and make it a switch. For this example we’ll call it speed attack. I will do damage based on your agility stat. Make it a switch that can only be used in battle. Now go to moster party and open battle events. Make a event triggered by the swich.. Then display your battle animation. Now select change enemy HP. Decrease by a variable, we’ll call it Hero Speed Display a show message that says something like “Dragon lost ___ HP!” To display the damage type \[Variable#]. So if the varable is 21, you would type \v[21]. Simple? Thecode should look like this:

Trigger: Switch: [Speed Attack]
Show Battle Animation: Speed Attack
Decrease Enemy HP: Opreand: varable “Enemy Speed”
Show message: enemy lost \v[21] Hp!
Change switch: Speed Attack. off

You would do the same type of thing with anything elese, just use a deferent variable, like escape or save. Hope this help newbies like me. Here is a skill based on how many times you escape:

Trigger: Switch: Chicken Heart
Show Battle Animation: chicken heart
Decrease Enemy hp: Opreand: variable “Chicken Heart”
Show message: enemy lost \v[21] Hp!
Change Switch: Chicken Heart off