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Tutorial - 'shinra tower style minigame' by Guest

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A tutorial on how to do a "guard/vision" style minigame for your RPG


you all know the bit in ff7 where you must get past the guards well here is a tutorial on how to do it...

(1.creating the map
well first you'll want the place where you must reach and something like statues placed every one or two squares apart leading to the entrance.

(2.the guards
behind the "statues" you should put the gaurds make them a paralell process i have it so they move 1 square then face down for 1 second then move back then repeat it.I done this by moving event left then wait for 0.5 seconds(to give the gaurd timeto walk) then move event face down then make a switch call it something like gaurd1 and turn it on the wait for 1 second then turn it off and move event right and wait 0.5 seconds so that it can move remember these things... must be a parallel process
2.make sure the gaurd has time to move or the switch will permenantly be on
3.for each gaurd there should be a separate switch

(3.The capture
make an event on hero touch and make it so that gaurd1 is on the put a message like capture then start combat (against the guard) then teleport to the entrance also put this in the gaurds point of veiw and for each gaurd use a different switch

(4.the end
i hope this has helped you all it can easily be changed to make a more challenging puzzle but ill leave that to you