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Tutorial - 'Geomancy' by Loki

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A guide on how to create the FF style geomancy skill


One of my favorite games off all time is Final Fantasy V. One of the coolest skills was the Geomancer’s “geomance” skill. It performed a different skill based on you terrain. It was different depending on in you were fighting on grass, or in a cave, or out at sea, then it would randomly pick between three or four attacks. It’s a pretty easy thing to recreate in Rm2k.
You’ll need a skill that activates the switch “geomance.” You’ll also need a variable called “geomance” and a variable called “geo target.” Go to a monster party and create an event which is triggered by the switch skill geomance. Then change your geomance variable operand to random between one and three, or however many skills you want possible for that battle. Then create three forks, each triggered an operand from one to three. In each fork should be the battle animation, the damage it does, the message, and lastly, change the switch to off. It should look like this:

Trigger: switch-geomance
Change variable “geomance”: random between one and three.
Fork condition: trigger: “geomance” operand 1- same.
Show message: Rock slide!
Show battle animation: rock slide
Change enemy Hp: decrease by fifty.
Show message: Enemy lost 50 HP!
Change switch: “geomance” – off
Fork condition: trigger: “geomance” operand 2- same
Show message: Stalactite!
Show battle animation: stalactite
Change enemy Hp: decrease by thirty.
Show message: Enemy lost 30 HP!
Change switch: “geomance” – off
Fork condition: trigger: “geomance” operand 3- same
Show message: Cave Wind!
Change enemy Hp: decrease by 25.
Show message: Enemy lost 25 HP!
Change switch: “geomance” – off

And there you go, a working geomancer skill!