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Tutorial - 'Skill EXP system' by ATARI

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How to creat a system much similar to FF7's "materia" system


Hello Folks. It's atari, I'm here to talk about a SKILL EXP system

What is a skill exp system? Well if you remember playing ff7, you know you gain materia points towards your materia. Basicly you gain points and with a certain number of points your materia gains another skill.

I will explain a VERY BASIC version on how to do this. You will have to modify it on your own to make it more complex. The reason it is basic is that I explain only how to have to skills and the equipping way is similar to Legion Saga. (check it out if you don't know what it is) I also have it for only one hero. Not gonna waste time explaining how to do more than one hero with this.

Yata-yata-yata-. Okay, my moment of glee is over. Onto the tut! (tut-tut-tut)

1. Make a variable, name it magic points
2. Make a OTHER item, name it Magic Pendant Skill

Go into the database (press f8) click on the common events tab. Make a new common event. Set it as Parrel Proccess. Name it Magic Pendant Skill. Make a fork option (page 3) Goto the second page and click on the hero, select your main hero, click the "..." on the box below it and select item, in the drop box select your magic pendant. Hit ok. Then under it select a skill to memorize. (just use poison for this example.) Then under that make another fork option, choose variable magic points, set it above 500. Change skill and memorize another skill that goes along with the other skill. (example, make a posion 2 or something like dat) Don't forget to keep your else cases there. Now under the else case make them forget both skills. The coding should look similar to this:

FORK optn: hero-magic pendant skill Equipped
Change Skill - Hero-Poison->memory
FORK optn: varb[xxx]magic points-500 abov
Change Skill - Hero-Poision2->memory
Change Skill -Hero-Poision->forget
Change Skill - Hero-Poision2->forget

Alright. You got it working. Now to making you gain more magic points so you can use posion 2.

Make a varbile for each monster. When monster dies add one to the variable, when varialbe equal 3 (or how ever many monsters you have) change variable magic points, choose +, and random, put 1 in the first box and 4 in last box. This is only an example how to do it, but it can be altered as usual. Of course either set your monster var to 0 at end of battle or just make new ones for each battle.

Easiest way to do this is to have a MARIO RPG battle system. Where you can actually see the monsters running around. Make the events on touch and below hero. Make in the event a start combat event. Then under escape case click add case. Then under victory case, + magic point randm 1, 4 (or however) then display a message you gain /v[x] magic points (of course, its the oposite slash, but the opposite slash doesn't show up in Gamingworld)

Good luck young programmers
"Even the greatest gamers were nOObs."
NOTE: If you can please give credit to me if you use this in your game at the credits.
NOTE: It doens't work right to do it with Magic Points with the regular DBS way, but it can work with EXP and LEVELS that way. So good look... erm... luck!