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Tutorial - 'Interesting Maps' by Angroth

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Angroth's guide on how to create non-tedius maps


I’m sure many of you who use Rm2k have made some maps which you think are damn cool.
And I’m also sure that most of you have lapsed and made some very plain and very boring maps.
The thing is, maps which you move around on are infact most of the visual imagery of the game, therefore they had better be good to make an impression.
Below is a small list of what to do for quick and easy map.
- Make floors
- Make vital walls or tree’s
- Add some items (bushes, extra tree’s, baskets, sign posts etc)
- Put some people down
- Tinker around with the layout of things

The last part is obviously the most important.
A map should be fun to explore and must be interesting. If it is too long (like a mazey area, unless you catually want a maze) or the default size all the time, then it will only become annoying.
Getting a map perfect can be difficult but nevertheless is worth the effort.
Personally I find that I lose motivation to put a lot of effort into my maps, if you need help with that, read the article of mine on motivation here! href="">Read: Motivation

Another important thing is for the chipsets to blend well. If they are all similar it will look better, but equally important as that is the consistancy of the area’s you walk through.
If you are going through a forest into a small forest village and then suddenly the grass type totally changes colour and also changes texture then it will look out of place.

Another nice thing is if maps are interactive. I like it when I can fiddle a bit with the items and stuff in an area.
I don’t think everywhere needs to have some form of interaction but wouldn’t you agree that it is nice if you can feel like you’re in control of the character properly by being able to fiddle with things.
This isn’t a neccesary thing for a good map but does make for more playability.

People should also blend well with the environment. For example, would you get a small village in a forest (in the tree’s like the Ewok’s in Star Wars) wearing black suits?
If a game is medieval, fantasy, modern, futuristic or whatever, not only must the clothes fit with the time, they should also fit with the location.
So in a desert, people wouldn’t really wear much. However if you are having foreigners, then they can be dressed differently of course (damn tourists never fit in!).

It may seem lame putting emphasis on maps in your game but in all honesty (as I said earlier) they are one of the main things you see through the game.
And because of that I will leave you with the above and hope it makes you remember to be making your maps with all the effort you’ve got and keep them enjoyable!