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Tutorial - 'Combining weapons/items system' by GaZZwa

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GaZZwa delves deep into the tutorial database to bring you his combining weapons and items system! Hoorah!


Here we go, it's pretty simple.

Show message: "Hi there. What do you want to combine?"
Show choice: "Hi-potion" "something else"
Show message: "You need potion and an antidote to make this. Continue?"
Show choice: "Yes" "no"

Choose yes:
Fork option item "potion" in inventory [with else case]
Fork option "antidote" in inventory [with else case]
Add item, remove antidote
Add item, remove potion
Add item, add Hi-potion
Show message: "You made Hi-Potion"
Play SFX: "Item"
Show message: "You are missing a needed item"
Show message: "You are missing a needed item"
[end event]