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Tutorial - 'Time Magic' by Psi

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A tutorial on how to create Final Fantasy Style Time Magic for the DBS


Time Magic for the DBS

Hey, all.

Most of the items in this tutorial are based around the Time Magic in Final Fantasy V and Tactics. For those of you who don't know, Time Magic consists of things like Teleport (escape from battle and return to the overworld in certain places), Regen (slowly recover HP), Demi (remove a fixed percentage of HP, going up by 25 per level) and Reset (returns the battle to normal.) The more obvious ones like Haste, Slow and Stop I will also cover but they're dead simple.

Nearly all of these involve the use of Switches and Battle Events, so it helps to know about them. There's also a mad over-abundance of varaiables here. Eek!

Right, here goes...


This one's easy. Make a skill, and name it "Teleport" or "Warp" or whatever.

Make its classification "Switch" and have it turn on the switch "Teleport"

Make it available in both Field and Battle.

Right, for the one in the field, you need to...

Make an event somewhere on the map (you'll need one on every map, unless you want it to be impossible to escape some areas)

Make its Event Conditions "Switch: Teleport", and make it an "Auto Start"

In the event, make the coding...

<>(Whatever special effects you want, such as Set Screen Tone, etc.)
<>Teleport: Target Map, target location
<>Change Switch: Teleport: OFF

And that should work. Here's how it should run...

You select "Teleport" from the menu
You see some spiffy effects... (Optional)
Your character ends up on the Overworld, or wherever you sent the character.

The one in battle is pretty similar...

<>(Any effects you want, battle animations, screen vanishing, etc.)
<>Change Switch: Teleport: OFF
(This has to come before the "Stop Battle" command, otherwise, it will set off any Teleport events you have on the map you end up in)
<>Stop Battle

So, when you select Teleport, you should escape from the fight.

If you want it to be impossible to use it...

<>Show Message: "Can't Escape!"
(or whatever)
<>Change Switch: Teleport: OFF

Well, with Teleport out of the way, let's move onto Demi...


Demi is a spell which (usually) depletes 25% of the enemy's HP. Bosses are almost always immune to it. Here's how to make one! This assumes that you have a four monster party. If the party has less than four monsters, you have to remove the code that relates to them, or the whole thing will screw up >_<

You have to make a skill named Demi, MP, description, sound effects can be anything you like. Make its availability "Battle", and have it turn on the Switch: "Demi"

It uses four varaiables...

Make a battle event, and make the Start Conditions "Switch: Demi: ON"

<>Change Switch: Demi OFF
(Again, has to come first, or the switch will stay on after the fight should the enemies somehow be killed by it)
<>(Any effects you like, such as Battle Animations and stuff)
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster1] Set to [Monster 1's HP]
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster2] Set to [Monster 2's HP]
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster3] Set to [Monster 3's HP]
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster4] Set to [Monster 4's HP]
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster1] [/] (Divide) by 4
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster2] [/] (Divide) by 4
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster3] [/] (Divide) by 4
<>Change Var: [DEMIMonster4] [/] (Divide) by 4
<>Change Enemy's HP : Monster 1's HP - [DEMIMonster1] [Remove]
<>Change Enemy's HP : Monster 2's HP - [DEMIMonster2] [Remove]
<>Change Enemy's HP : Monster 3's HP - [DEMIMonster3] [Remove]
<>Change Enemy's HP : Monster 4's HP - [DEMIMonster4] [Remove]
(Optional) <>Message: All enemies lost 25% of their HP!

You can make variations on this, like reducing half of their HP.


This spell was called "Return" in FF5. Oh well. I named it Reset, because it sounded better.

Make a skill named "Reset" and make it turn on the Switch "Reset", available only in battle, unless you plan to make a system like the one in Dragon Destiny. I won't go into that though.

You need two battle event pages for this.

The first page...

Appearance conditions should be "Turn 0"

You need two variables per character. One for their HP, one for their MP.
We will assume you have two party members here, one named Bart, and one named Faust (sorry guys, I couldn't think of anything else better, and I sure as hell wasn't using Alex!)


<>Change Var: BartResetHP - Bart's HP (NOT his Max HP, though! His current HP!)
<>Change Var: BartResetHP - -1 (Reduce it by 1)
<>Change Var: BartResetMP - Bart's MP (NOT his Max MP!)
<>Change Var: FaustResetHP - Faust's HP
<>Change Var: FaustResetHP - -1 (Reduce it by 1)
<>Change Var: FaustResetMP - Faust's MP

Well, that was the easy part...

Another page, this time the appearance conditions should be "Switch:Reset:ON"

<>(Any special effects you want)
<>Change Var:[BartResetSTART] Set: Bart's Current HP
<>Change Var:[BartResetSTART] -1 (Reduce it by 1)
<>Change Var:[FaustResetSTART] Set: Faust's Current HP
<>Change Var:[FaustResetSTART] -1 (Reduce it by 1)
(NOTE: These are not the same variables as before!)
<>Change HP: Bart's HP [BartResetSTART] [Remove]
<>Change HP: Faust's HP [BartResetSTART] [Remove]
<>Change MP: Bart's MP 999[Rem]
<>Change MP: Faust's MP 999[Rem]
<>Change HP: Bart's HP [BartResetHP] [Add]
(That's the variable you entered for the start of the battle)
<>Change HP: Faust's HP [FaustResetHP] [Add]
<>Change MP: Bart's MP [BartResetMP] [Add]
<>Change MP: Faust's MP [FaustResetMP] [Add]
<>Change Monster's Condition: Oh god...

Here, you have to make several Change Conditions for the enemies. They have to cure every single status ailment for every single enemy.

You have to do the same for all heroes.

<>Change Enemy's HP: Increase the HP of each monster by the maximum (9999, or 999999, depending on whether or not you have that Dark Dominion patch i have)
<>Change Switch: [Reset][OFF]


So, how the hell did that work?

Right, it makes variables from the character's starting HP at the beginning of the fight. Then it subtracts 1 from it. The character's HP are all then reduced to 1, and the varaiable determined at the beginning is added. The result? The HP you started with.

MP goes down to 0, and the starting MP stored in the variable gets added.

The monsters get fully healed, and all the dead ones are revived.

Note that it cures all status ailments too. I have all ailments curing after battle anyway, so my characters don't enter battle with anything wrong with them.

Anyway, it's quite painful to make. Do it if you enjoy pain!


The dead simple ones... Haste, Slow and Stop. I won't go into much detail because they're quite obvious. If you don't know how skills work then I'm sorry... try to work it out, it's the best way to learn! ^_^


You need to make a skill that affects a single ally.
Give it a basis effect of 999.
Variance, Hit Chance and Mind Chance should be all the way down to 0.
Make it increase "Agility" and nothing else.
No elements, but it should cure the ailments "Slow" and "Stop" (used in the next spells)
It should double the target's speed.


Make an ailment named Slow.
Make it a Combat Effect, and don't change anything else.
Make it half the "Agility" stat, and do nothing else
Now, just make a spell that inflicts the condition, nothing else
If you have to make it do damage, permanently reduce the speed or whatever, then fine.


Make an ailment named Stop, or use the "Numb" that is already there when you make a new game
The ailment should be a "Combat Effect"
Action limitation should say "Inside Battle" (stops them moving)
And make a spell that inflicts the condition

Simple enough, right?

The reason I left out "Regen" is because I posted it a while ago... you can find it here

Go and check it out!

I'm very prone to making mistakes. If any of these don't work, and you are SURE you followed the instructions exactly, then by all means PM me, or e-mail me at