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Tutorial - 'Hero selection' by l3vi

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A tutorial on how to create a "selection" screen for choosing heroes at the start of the game


Okay, im sorta kinda a n00b and this is my first tut. So BARE W/ ME!

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to make a Hero Selection screen.
What you start off by doing is going to the Database screen. You go to the hero tab and enter how many heros you want. (Im going to use 3 in this tut) Ill name 1 Alex, 2 Brian, 3 Alexis. You edit them however you want, then, you make a new hero.You just call it "Cursor" or "Starter" or whatever. Im going to call it cursor. You select this hero as number one. And the cursor walking graphic should be the one you can download at:
If you would like to know, I got this from the enter hero name script. It works really good for this though.
So your hero screen should look sumthin like this:
Now I will get to the actual part. Keep in mind that this is a graphic hero selection...
Make a new map. Make it any size you want but I suggest the default map size. Find a nice parallax BG or make it with anything you can walk on. Then put 3 events for each hero just standing there. Set them as on Push Key and Same Level as Hero.Each one with the walking graphic of that hero.Set this screen as your starter screen. 4 those of u who dont know how to do this, you set the party position. Now you add another event off in the corner somewhere. Now you edit each of the hero events. The one for Alex should have coding like this:
<>Select Face Graphic: (optional)
<>Mssg:Would you like to play as Alex?
<>Show Choice: Yes/No
: [Yes] Case
<>Change Heros Party:Alex->Add
<>Change Heros party:Cursor->Remv
<>Teleport: Wherever However
: [No] Case
:End Case
You do the same thing for each hero choice...
If you wanted to refer to Brians Name you could enter
\N[3] But if you wanted to enter Alex's name you would enter \N[2] If you did enter \N[1] then it would say cursor. etc etc. Now something I noticed with the last tut called character selection system you could not do this. What you can do is make certain things happen only for certain heros. LIke if you wanted to make a cut scene that only Alex could view, you would change the event conditions to
Hero[Alex] Need
I hope you liked my tut. I know its probably not the best but I am still a n00b. I have many other things i am using in my game but am yet to make a tut for. If you have any questions just e-mail me at Thanx 4 ur time!!!!!!!!!!!