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Tutorial - 'Breeding' by Tenchu

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A tutorial on how to create a breeding system for rm2k much like the chocobo or pokemon systems


Alright first off, you need to know the following skills:

1) Switches
2) Variables

Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to the fun stuff!

Alright now let's say you want to make a section in your game where you breed a certain breed of critters. In this case I'm going to go with something unique. Not Chocobo's, Not Poke'mon, Cows... yeah... we'll use Cows.

1) Make a small map in your game where you store your Cows. Let's say a Barn.

2) Make some switches. The first set of switches we'll need are switches that say whether you have chosen that cow for breeding. For the sake of argument, we'll use FEMALECHOSE and MALECHOSE

3) Then make 2 events, one representing the male cow and the other representing the female cow

4) In the cow events make a show message command that says something like, "Do you want to breed this cow?" and then add a show choice command with yes/no choices. Then if they choose yes, turn on the FEMALECHOSE switch for the girl and the MALECHOSE switch if they picked the guy.

Here's a little bit of code to help you see what I'm talking about.

For the Female cow event

<>Message: Breed this cow?
<>Show Choice:Yes/No
<>Change Switch: Var[0001:FEMALECHOSE] Switch ON
:End Case

For the guy cow just change it to MALECHOSE switch

5) Now add another page to the event and on this new page make it so it needs the FEMALECHOSE or the MALECHOSE switch to be on, (depending on which cow you chose) Now in this page you also need to make the cow's graphic to dissapear.

6) Create a cow event in a small pen area in your map. Make it so the MALECHOSE or FEMALECHOSE switch needs to be on to show the cow event.

7) Now have the player choose the next cow and turn on the remaining switch but here's the different part. Create a BREEDON switch (or call it something different) and turn it on along with the second gender switch. To show that you now have a successfully breeding pair.

Now both cows should be in the breeding pen in your map and all three switches should be on. Now if you have a time system in your game then read on, if you don't then skip to part B


1) Create a common event that is a parallel process and needs the BREEDON switch to be on.

2) Now let's say a breeding pair has a baby after 7 days. Create a variable entitled (BREEDDAY)

3) In your time system, when it adds a day, make it add +1 to your BREEDDAY variable.

4) Create a fork condition that says when your BREEDDAY variable reaches 7 days a new baby is born. We'll continue the baby part later



1) Have a breeder guy/gal there who says, "Do you want to breed these two?" when you have the BREEDON switch on

2) Add a show choice command and when the player picks yes, change the screen color/tone to black. Then turn off all of those switches and create and turn on a new BABY switch.

3) Create a new event with the baby cow graphic standing somewhere in the barn, and have it need the BABY switch on to show the baby cow.

4) Then turn the screen color/tone to normal and it should show your two cows out of the pen and your baby standing in the barn.