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Tutorial - 'Password system' by Fusion_Knight

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How to create a password system for your game! Shibby!


This tutorial teaches you to make an event where you can enter a password to do something!
It's easy,But requires the following knowledge:
-Variables....that's it.
Make an event with whatever you want in it
Now in the coding box you put in.......oh,Whatever.
I'll just show you the coding,Sound good?
(I made it so you talk to a person)
<>Show face:Whatever
<>Messg:What cheat you want?
-Make a variable.I used CHEAT
<>Input number: 6 dg. [0001:CHEAT]
<>Fork optn:Variable cheat is 315627 same.
<>Do whatever the cheat does
ELSE CASE:Another fork with a different digit composistion.

What that does is basically a bunch of forks check to see if you put in a correct code.

I close with: All Your Base,Your Base,Base,Base,All Your Base,Are Belong To Us!