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Tutorial - 'Jump Ability' by kcin139

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How to create a Jump ability similar to the FF games


This is my tut for the Jump ability found in FF games.
I made this solely for the purposes of 1. To make another tut. and 2. There wasnt one on this.

*Note:you need only to copy and paste the pages into the Monster Parties after you add this to the first one.

First, you will need a few things:
Two seperate skills: Jump, and [Name Here]. For this tutorial, I will call this skill "Spear", just like in Final Fantasy 9. This is how Jump should be set up.

Name: Jump
Type: Switch
Definition: [Your own!]
Cost: (whatever you please i prefer 0)
Available at: Battle (duh)
ON Switch: Jump

Now that the base skill is all done we need to set up an addional character, named "Jumped Character". If more than one characters have the "Jump" ability, then make more
than one "Jumped Character". It should be set up this way:

Name: Jumped Character
HP: (Same as character using "Jump" skill)
MP: (however much you want)
Attack, Mind: 0
Defense, Agility: 999
Controlled by AI.
(Preferable to have Strong Defence on)

Equip this character with any weapon that has a 0% hit chance. (Preferable to have no
Battle Animation and PreAmptive Attack on)

Theres the setup. Now, for the pages to be put into the Monster Party section.

Page 1
Trigger: Jump Switch On
Fork Condition: Jump Condition Off
Variable: Jump - Set 0
Switch: Jump Condition - On
End Case

Change Hero's Party --> Jumped Character Add
Change Hero's Party --> [Character Name] Remove
Change Hero's Party --> Jumped Character Add

Page 2
Trigger: Jump Switch On, Turn X1
Variable: Jump + 1

Page 3
Trigger: Jump Switch ON, Variable Jump > 2
Change Hero's Party --> [Character Name] Add
Change Hero's Party --> Jumped Character Remove
Change Hero's Party --> [Character Name] Add
Message: Is ready to spear the enemy!
Change Skill: [Character Name] --> Memory

Page 4
Trigger: Jump Switch ON, Variable Jump > 3
Message: Is back on the ground!
Change Skill: [Character Name] --> Forget
Variable: Set Jump 0
Variable: Set Jump Condition 0
Change Switch: Jump OFF

There we go. The only prob i know of is that "is ready to spear" will repeat itself twice.

Thanks for your support and expect more tuts based on the Final Fantasy games.