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Tutorial - 'Hexing RM2k files' by GaZZwa

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Some RM2k games have their own icons, instead of the standard RPG.exe one. Wanna know how to do this? GaZZwa tells you how!


It is very possible to easily hex RPG Maker 2000. You need only two
things. The first of which is, of course, RPG Maker 2000. The other thing is a
program called the Resource Workshop, made by Borland Co. If you've ever programmed
in Visual C++ you know that a resource is anything like a bitmap or string table. In this
tutorial, we'll be working with string tables, bitmaps and XYZ's.

Step one. Open the Resource Workshop(RW), and go to
File - Open Project. Set the File Type the .EXE Applications and find
Rpg2000.exe, open it. Scroll down the newly opened window until you find
the STRINGTABLE category. These string tables can be altered to change
ANY of the text in the RM2k editor. *NOTE* ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP
OF ANYTHING YOU DECIDE TO HACK! When you done messing with the
string tables, find BITMAPS. Here, you can change most of the icons
used in the RM2k editor. Now save and run RM2k to see your handy work.
Hexing the editor is simply for preference, now let's spiff up an RM2k game!

Open the RW and open the RPG_RT.exe file the you want to
hex. The RPG_RT.exe file is your game .exe found in you game's folder.
Scroll down the window until you see a bitmap file called EXFONT. EXFONT
is the special icon characters that come with you game. In messages or
item name, you can type something like $A or $f or such to make a special
character appear. $A and $B are a sword and a shield, but everything else
is just useless symbols like astronomical signs. Let's change it! Open EXFONT
and edit any and all the icons you want! Now save the file and try it out.