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Tutorial - 'Dependancy/Banon battle' by DarkCrono

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How to create a battle similar to the FF6 "banon" scenario


Remember Ultros from Final Fantasy 6? Remember the guy who joined you for this scenario, Banon? If you don't Banon was the guy who could only basically heal, was very weak and if he died it was game over. It was one of the most FRUSTRATING parts of all of the Final Fantasies, and got old quick. And I wanted to unfury my game's players the same way.
I know you are probably thinking to yourself "That's not so hard." Well, it can get kinda confusing and can be a little difficult to deal with. At first I sout after
help for this, I got many different methods, most of which different work. What I did get was different ideas from the 3 or 4 methods I recieved. So, I played around with RM2K a bit and came up with this:

First, go to your game's database and click on the "conditions" page. Here create a new condition, for example "helpless". Set the conditions to your liking. You may want them to be completely useless, normal, regular but weak, it really depends on you.

Second, head over to the "monster party" page in the database. Then create the different parties of monsters your characters will encounter throughout the "helpless" character's time with the party. Look on the bottom right of the screen and look for the
"Battle Events".

On the first page set up like this:
Trigger:(No trigger)
<>Condition: (Character's Name)-> Helpless Condition

Create a second page and place this:
Trigger:(Hero[Charcter's Name] HP[0]%
<>Game Over

Lastly, Go to the common events page in the database and make a new common event. Call it "Joe Helpless" or something. Make it look like this:

Event Start Condition: Parallel Process
<>Condition: (Character's Name)-> Helpless Condition

This is really not necessary. But, I recommend it for safe keeping. Also, this tells you they are "helpless" out of battle as well.

That's All! Pretty Simple eh? I hope that makes your game all the more unique!