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Tutorial - 'Realistic Weather' by ATARI

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A great tutorial on creating weather effects in your game


Hi folks. It’s ATARI again, this time I’m here to talk about realsitc weather events.
What kind of realistic do I mean? Read on and find out.

Little Tommy was a good kid, but like any kid, enjoyed getting off school for snowdays.
Tommy woke up and looked out his window! “SNOW!” He cried. That’s right! It twas
snowing, he look outside, then frowned. “Oh yeah, I’m living in someones game and they
just have it snow, it doesn’t do anything.”

What that story showed is what a game is like without realistic weather, when snow falls,
it usually lays right? When rain falls, doesn’t that water get affected and the ground
makes puddles? What this tutorial does is shows you how to make that happen.

Open up your paint program (Preferabbly Idraw) open up your town chipset, save it as
another chipset, and name it snow1. Now you can edit this chipset without messing up
your other one. Make a little bit of white and such on the chipset pieces. Thats for when
it starts snowing. Save it as snow1 and then save as snow 2, now its a new chipset, make
more snow on it, thats after a little bit of snow, etc. do the same for snow 3, of course
make it a lot more snow, make it cover the whole town! Viola! You got your snow
chipsets. Now you just need to make them appear when it starts snowing.

Open up rm2k and make a new common event. Name in SnowingLight Set it to Parrel
Process and start switch ‘StartSnowingLight’ Now make 3 variables, one is
‘snowseconds,’ ‘snow status’ and the other is ‘snow minutes.’ Easy enough? Now make
a time sytem for your snowing I’ll just give you the code for this part:

Variable CH:[xxxx:snowseconds]+1
Wait 1.0
Fork Optn: Varbl [xxxx: snowseconds] = 60
variable ch:[xxxx:snow minutes] +1

Got that? Good! (see my other tutorials if you’re lost on that part) Now under the
variable ch:[xxxx:snowminutes]+1 event, make a fork option. Since it’s snowing light,
how long would it take to start seeing some snow on the ground? About 50 seconds.
Make a fork under it If Snowseconds = 50 set1 to snow status variable, then turn on
switch 1stSnow50, then make another fork event under that that says if snowseconds=50
and switch 1stSnow50, make it do nothing. I’ll give you the code at the end of this stuff
so you can see it.
Next Make a Fork if Snow Miuntes = 2 and Snow Seconds =50, set 2 to snow status.
Then make another fork if Snow Miuntes = 4 and Snow Seconds = 25, set 3 to snow
status. Confused? I’ll explain breifly. What this does is when it’s been 2 minutes and 50
seconds, it shows medium laying of snow (your 2nd chipset)and 4:25 = your 3rd chipset,
Your Code should look something like this.

Variable CH:[xxxx:snowseconds]+1
Wait 1.0
Fork Optn: Varbl [xxxx: snowseconds] = 60
variable ch:[xxxx:snow minutes] +1
Fork Optn: Varbl [xxxx: snowseconds] = 50
variable ch: [xxxx: snow status] Set 1
Switch 1stSnow50 On
Fork Optn: Varbl [xxxx: snowseoncds] = 50
Fork Optn: Switch 1stSnow50 On
Fork Optn: [xxxx: Snow Miuntes] = 2
Fork Optn: [xxxx: Snow Seconds] = 50
Varaible CH: [xxxx: snow status] set 2
Fork Optn: [xxx: Snow Minutes] =4
Fork Optn: [xxx: snow seconds] = 25
Variable CH: [xxxx: snow status] set 3
Of course, My Else cases and End Cases are Few because I didn’t feel like writing them
all out. I’m pretty lazy, but aren’t we all?

Now in the town chip you edited and the town you did it in, when you want it to snow
light, turn on the StartSnowingLight Switch after your event Set it to snow light, then
under that, make a fork that says if snow status = 1, change chipset to snow1, if snow
stats = 2, change chipset to snow2 and if snow status = 3, change chipset to snow3.

Jumping Jelly Beans! You got the first part done! Hurrayness! Now you want your snow
to melt right? When it stops snowing, turn off StartSnowingLight Switch, stop the
weather and set the snow seconds to 0 and snow minutes to 0, turn on swtich snowmelt,
now this is where the snow status variable comes in.

Go into Common events, Make a new one, name it melting snow, then make the switch
dondition snowmelt. Make a fork, if snowstatus = 3, wait 35.0 secods change chipset to
snow 2, then fork if snow status = 2 wait 35.0 seconds change chipset to snow 1 etc.
Unforunatley, you have make a new common event for all the different towns chipsets
where you have snow melting. Did you see the purpose of the snow status variable? It’s
snow if it only snowed enough to get it to two, it doesn’t make it melt to 2 when it would
only be two. Simple enough.

That concludes my tutorial, now little Tommy can get out of school and I can stop typing
for bit.

Note: If you use this in your game, give credit to ATARI
“Even the greatest gamers were nOObs.”