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Tutorial - 'Running' by Gon

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How to make a sprite run when a certain button is pressed in your RPG


Seeing as how there arent any tutorials for making your character run,I decided to make one(and to stop newbie Q's).I know im probaly gonna get stuff like "Oh thats simple" and "Why did you post something like this?,everybody and there mom knows how to make this."Ok,so maybe not that last one.

First,go into common events(push F8) and click on
0001,now go to event conditions and click the drop down menu and push "Parallel Process".

Now,go down to event commands and double click it go to page 3 of the menu,7 down from the first command click"Enter Password".

And once you have it selected,click the 3 dots and enter "RUN" as a variable and de-select direction(1,2,3,4) and Descition(5),(leave Wait until hit Key selected).

Now,go to page 2,12 down second row,this brings up a whole bunch of stuff,go down to where it says "Move Speed Up" (only select it once or else your character will be faster than the speed of light),Now make a switch titled"Running" and have it turned on.

<>Enter Password:[0001:RUN]
<>Move Event...:HERO ,Move Speed Up
<>Change Switch:[0001-Running]-ON set

thats what it should look like.Now for the part that will stop your character from running.

Go back to the third page,5 down second row and click on "Fork Conditions",Select Running switch from the list and have it turned on and de-select ELSE case.

NOW!! copy the password command and the move character event(only edit it to make the character speed down) and your done!.

Make Your Characters Sprite Change while running

Just go to page 1 and pick "Set Hero walk GFX" and select the running sprite.

the whole programming should look like this

<>Enter Password:[0001:RUN]
<>Move Event...:HERO ,Move Speed Up
<>Change Switch:[0001-Running]-ON set

<>FORK Optn:Switch [0001:Running]-ON
<>Enter Password:[0001:RUN]
<>Change Heros walk Graphic:(Sprites name here)
<>Move Event...:HERO ,Move Speed down