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Tutorial - 'Drain and Osmose' by kcin139

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How to create two powers from FF, namely DRAIN and OSMOSE


Firstly, you'll need a skill, so go into the "Skills" tab in your database and make a new skill. Name it "Drain" and set it to a switch type. Obviously, when it comes to how much MP this will cost and a skill description, hell, it's your game, I'm not your mother. You have complete free reign here. Make sure it's only available during battles, and make it turn on a switch named "Drain".

Now, unfortunately, the DBS won't allow you to select a specific target when using a Switch type skill, so you're just gonna have to let rip on all your enemies with this skill.

Go into your "Monsters Party" tab and make a new event in any monster party which requires the "Drain" switch as the trigger. The first event command here you'll probably want to use is a "Show Battle animation"... so you just create one and show it here, making sure it targets the whole group of enemies.

We'll have to figure out the amount of HP this skill actually takes off. I did it by basically simulating rm2k's damage, but making it dependant on my character's magic stat. So basically, you set up a variable called "Drain power" and set it to the character who uses the skill's mind. Then you change that variable, dividing it by 2. Now, create a variable called "Drain defence" and this is where it depends on how many monsters are in the party. Let's say it's three. Therefore, you set the "Drain defence" variable to Monster1's mind. Then add Monster 2's mind, and then Monster 3's. Now divide that by how many monsters are in the party. Finally, divide "Drain defence" by 4.

So you have a basic power of Drain and a modification based on the monsters' own minds. All you need to do is change the "Drain power" variable by subtracting the "Drain defence" variable. There, now "Drain power" is finally set to it's final value.

Next, you simply subtract "Drain Power" from all the monster's HP values; whether you wish it possible for your enemies to die from this is up to you. Add "Drain power" to the character's HP. Now, you simply show message, such as, "All enemies lose ["Drain power" variable]HP! [Hero] gains ["Drain power" variable]HP!" To finish off, you simply turn the "Drain" switch OFF.

Now in order to make the Osmose skill you just need to change the subtactions and additions to/from HP to MP.