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Tutorial - 'Visible Enemies' by Awesome

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How to create visible enemies walking around using the DBS.


First of all, I would like to say that some of these arent my ideas (ok, I made most of this myself, but I did get the idea for giving random money from a different tut)
Ever played an RPG with those annoying random battles? I hate those. There are exceptions, but it just doesnt seem realistic
that an enemy just pops outta nowhere.
So this tutorial basically explains how to make monsters wandering around, that you bump into and fight. This also uses no switches, so thats a bonus. HOWEVER as if the hero exits then re-enters the area, the monsters will be back.

Knowledge you need:
Forks, variables.

The Nitty Gritty:

First of all, we need a charset that suits a monster party. I chose slime from the Monster1 charset for this tutorial. Also, make sure your monsters give NO MONEY. This is important, as I will give money in a different way.
Now make an event, and choose the charset you need. Set the monster on whatever speed/movement type you want (I chose random
movement, frequency 7 and speed 2) same level as hero and On touch (event,hero).

Now for the commands.
I have 2 slime monster parties. One with 2 slime, one with 3. So lets make it random which one the player has to face.
This is our first variable, which we randomize. (If you have more then 2 monster parties, make it randomize to suit you)

<>Variable Ch[0001:MonsterRandomizer]Set,Randm[1*2]

Now, if this variable = 1, we make you fight 2 slimes, if its 2 you fight 3 slimes.
So this is our first fork.

<>FORK Optn: Varb[0001:MonsterRandomizer]-1
<>Strt Combat: Diseasex2
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Money]Set,Randm[2*8]
<>Play SE: Kill10
<>Wait 1.0s
<>Flash Character....: this event, 0.2s (W)
<>Clear Timer
<>Play SE: Item 1
<>Messg: You found $\V[2]!
<>Change Money: Money V[0002]Incr
<>Play SE: Attack 2
<>Variable [0002:Money]Set,Randm[1*5]
<>Change Money: Money V[0002]Decr.
<>Messg: In your frantic scramble to get away you lost $\V[2]
<>Clear timer
:End Case

Phew. Now to explain it (if you understand, skip down):
If the randomized variable = 1, you start combat with the diseases. (In the combat box pick whatever group and background, for escape add case (only if you want them to have the option to run, if not click on stop event) and for defeat game over, unless you dont want them to game over...).
Now, under VICTORY we have a randomized variable which determines how much money you will gain (did you remember to make the monster party give 0 cash?).
Next we have a sound effect, this is optional. We wait 1 second for... dramatic effect :P. The slime flashes, and then we have Clear Timer.
Why the hell would I want to clear the timer? What timer? These are all valid questions ;) Actually, this is a command that I just found out
about (thank you MasterDarkNinja), it doesnt do what it says, because its not translated properlly.
What it does is stop the event from working, even if the conditions are set, but once the player exits then re-enters this area, as long the conditions
are still set, the event will continue running as normal. So we use this to get rid of the enemy.
Next, we play a Sound Effect, again its optional. Next a message pops up telling you that you received however much variable 2 equals in money, and
next we actually make this happen by changing the money to be increased by variable 2 (the variable which was randomized).

As for the ESCAPE case, we play a sound effect (I choose attack 2 as it sounds like someone running away), we then randomize the money variable
however this time we lose that amount of money. This is to discourage those wimps who run away and get the 'easy' way out :-P
Of course, that is all optional, you can just delete everything up to clear timer.

Now we make a new fork condition, IF the monster randomizer was at 2 we fight 3 enemies.
Its basically the same coding as above, except the battle is against monster party of 3 slimes, and since there are more monsters you might want
to give the player more money for winning (change the money randomized to say... [6*12]).

Now you can simply copy and paste that everytime for a new enemy - and the best part? You dont have to make new variables/switches for each new enemy.
The downside though? The enemies come back after you re-enter the area. I actually find this better (you dont run out of enemies :P) and hey it worked in CT.

Changes that can be made:
The amount of money can always be changed. You can also make a bigger battle animation for the death.
Instead of money, why not make a randomized item? Or both. Does he get $1000, or the sword of darkness?
You can have no escape case at all, this would be for bosses.
Actually for bosses, I suggest not using Clear Timer, but a switch to get rid of the boss. (in the victory box turn a switch on, like [0001:BossDead],
create a new page with a blank charset, below hero and no commands with the conditions on Switch [0001:Bossdeath] is on.).
If you want to, although this will require use of extra switches but will look cool, you make a new page. After victory, you use a switch to go
to this new page. Now, you use a charset that looks like money (terrenigma objects is what I use), put it below hero. Copy all the money related things into here, along with ClearTimer.