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Tutorial - 'Fog' by Awesome

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How to create realistic fog in your game.


Intro: This is a very simple tutorial, thanks to my friend Jowy for this, he showed me it so gave me the insperation for
this tutorial. Anyway, this makes it look like there is fog in your game.

Knowledge you need: None really, you can jump right in. But knowledge of cycle events, and picture events would help.

The Inner Workings:

Ok, goto the map where you want the fog
Ok, first of all create an event, you can make this set by a switch if you want the fog to eventually stop.

Anyway, make this event off to the side, and make it parallel process with no charset.

For the commands this is what we put:

<>Show Picture: 1,cloudsky,(0,120)
<>Move Picture: 1, (320,120),10.0sec(W)
:END Cycle

Thats it. Simple huh?
Now to explain it:

I dont think the cycle is necessery, but it will keep the event going. The show picture shows a picture at 0,120 which make it fill up the whole screen. The picture I used was 640x242 pixels. You can find this picture by going to (my site), This picture should also be at 60% transparency with the transparent colour set to stir.

Now, the move picture doesnt change the Y position, but instead makes the fog look likes its moving left to right by changing the X position. It is set on 10 seconds so it isnt too fast. The 320 will vary on your picture size, but if you use my pictures then 320 is what you need.

And thats it! Simple :)