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Tutorial - 'Animated Scenes' by Majikuru

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How to create lifelike animated scenes in your games to give them extra detail!


Goal: Create LifeLike Animated Scenes
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Intro: If you have ever played the short demo of Eden's Saga there is a scene in the beginning of the game with two elven guardians speaking. In the background there is a moving flame. Did you wonder how this was done?
Well, wonder no more!

Step 1: Start off by selecting a panorama that you want animated. That will be the first frame. Now if there are other images of the same kind, with different animations on it then you wont have to do step 2, instead go to 3.

Step 2: If you are doing this step, it means that you dont have any other panoramas of the same kind with animations. So now, open that image you slected in iDRAW or whatever image editor you use. Edit the image to what you want the second frame of the animation to be, do the same for as many frames as you'ld like. Make sure to save them to different images.

Step 3: Now that you have all the frames made, open RM2K and make a blank map, put it as the transparent color, and select the first frame panorama. Now go into Event Mode and make a new event set it to Paralel Process, and no image. Make a cycle and put Wait 0.0 Sec( this will keep lag off)inside it. Now select Change Paralex BG and select the second frame panorama. Put Wait 0.0 Sec again and add the next frame, and add Wair 0.0, and so on.

It was very easy wasn't it? This wasn't meant for advanced users, cause I am sure they new this already. If you want to copy the coding from the one I made, download Eden's Saga in GW's game section.