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Tutorial - 'Synthesis' by dragonheartman

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How to create a synthesis store akin to the one in FF9


really easy and handy if you want something "custom" in your game. This is a simple tutorial aiming mostly to newbies (which I guess includes me).

Basically, just make a guy in some sort of shop to synthesize the weapons or items that you want. Create an event and make him do some events like the ones shown:

Show Message "Hello, what do you wish to synthesize?"
Show Choice "Mega Potion,ect,ect" (I will be showing how to make just a mega potion, you can figure the rest out.)
If Choice is Mega Potion,
Show Message "You need a Potion and an Ether to make this" (you can change the item requirements)
Show Message "Continue?"
Show Choice "Yes, No"
If Yes,
Fork Option item "Potion" in inventory. [with else case]
Fork Option "Ether" in inventory. [with else case]
Add Item, Remove Ether
Add Item, Remove Potion
Add item, Add Mega Potion (you made one, right)
Show Message "You Made A Mega Potion"
Play Sound Effect "item" (optional)
Show Message "You Are Missing An Item To Complete Synthesis"
Show Message "You Are Missing An Item To Complete Synthesis"
[end event]

Thats about it, as said earlier, you can add or alter any choices if you want... so good luck. Oh, and this is my first tutorial, so sorry if it's short.