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Tutorial - 'Easy ABS' by Eos285

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No, not a tutorial on how to work your muscles my friend! This tutorial concerns the creation of an adventure battle system!


Hi and welcome to my first tutorial for rm2k! I'm going to tell all you newbies out there how to make an ABS (Adventure Battle System) using very little coding. This is a proven method, as I use it in some of my rm2k games. If it doesn't work for you, e-mail me and show me your coding and I'll tell you what's wrong with it.

NOTE: It helps if you understand the basics of variables and switches. You do not need to know x and y variables like you do with some of the ABS tuts.

First of all you need to create 4 Battle Animations of the hero's weapon swining Right, Left, Up and Down. You may also want a graphic of the hero holding the weapon.
(In this tut I am going to use the change graphic option when the hero attacks. I am calling the four Battle Animations Sword Right, Sword Left, Sword Up and Sword Down.)

Secondly you need to make a Common Event (found in the database), and call it "Attack" or "Swing Sword" or something like that. It must be set to parrallel process. This will be the coding that displays the hero slashing his sword. I'll skip the talk and get right to the coding.

<>FORK Optn: (Hero Name) is in the Party
<>Enter Password:[0001:Hero Actions]
<>Variable Ch:[0001:Hero Actions]Set, 1
<>Move Event... : Hero, Change Graphic (Sword)
<>FORK Optn:Hero - Up Face Direct
<>Show Battle Anim:Sword Up, Hero (W)
END Case
<>FORK optn:Hero - Rt Face Direct
<>Show Battle Anim: Sword Right, Hero (W)
END Case
<>FORK optn:Hero - Dw Face Direct
<>Show Battle Anim: Sword Down, Hero (W)
END Case
<>FORK optn:Hero - Lt Face Direct
<>Show Battle Anim: Sword Left, Hero (W)
END Case
<>Wait: 0.1s
<>Variable Ch:[0001:Hero Actions] Set, 0
<>Move Event... : Hero, Change Graphic (Normal)
END Case

And that is the Common Event coding done!

Lastly, set up an event on a map, and make it whatever graphic you like. This will be an enemy who you hit and in turn hits you. Make three pages (or an optional 4 to make it look better, I will explain that last)

For page 1:-
Make the event start condition On Touch (Event, Hero)
Make it have the following (or something similar to the following)
<>Play SE: Hit
<>Flash Character... : Hero . 0.5s.(W)
<>Move Event... : Hero, Turn 180o ,Start Jump ,Forward ,Forward ,End Jump (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT "IGNORE IF CAN'T BE MOVED" OR ELSE IT SCREWS THE GAME!)
<>Wait: 0.1s
<>Take Damage: HeroAttack 5 Damage (or whatever damage you choose)

Now for the second page, where you hit the enemy:-
First of all make the second page activated by the variable 0001:Hero Actions being at 1, and make the event start condition "Push Key". Now for what happens:-
<>Play SE: Enemy Hurt
<>Flash Character...: this Event , 0.5s.(W)
<>Move Event...: this Event, Start Jump ,Escape from Hero ,Escape from Hero ,End Jump (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT "IGNORE IF CAN'T BE MOVED" OR ELSE IT SCREWS THE GAME!)
<>Wait: 0.1s
<>Variable Ch:[0002:Enemy 1 HP]+ ,Hero Attack

That makes you hit the enemy. Now for the enemy dying just do this coding:-
Make the third page activated by the variable 0002:Enemy 1 HP being at a certain number (I recommend 50). Clear the event of all graphics, make it below the hero and make it stay still. Now the enemy is dead! Yippie skip!

And that is how to make a basic ABS with a very little amount of code! To get a better one, read on...

NOTE: This is the way to gain exp, gold and an item (if you choose so), as well as having better deaths for your foes (>_<). This takes up a LOT of switches though, so be warned!
Now if you want the enemies to have more dramatic deaths, make a fourth page on the enemy event and make it identical to the third page, except activated by the Switch 0001:Enemy 1 Die. Then make the third page like so:-
Make the graphic the same as the first two pages, and make the event start condition "AutoStart". Then enter something like this in the main page:-
<>Wait: 0.5s
<>Show Battle Anim.:Enemy Die, this Event(W)
<>Change Switch: [0001:Enemy 1 Die]-ON set
<>Play SE: Victory
<>Message: You beat the enemy!
Got 5 Gold!
Gained 10 experience!
<>Change Money: Money 5 Incr.
<>Change EXP: Hero EXP 10 Incr.

And that, my friends, is how to make an easy, professional Adventure Battle System. Hope this helps some rm2kers out there!

See ya!