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Tutorial - 'Status EXP system' by ATARI

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How to create a skill point system rather than the traditional "level up" way of advancing.


Ever play Deus Ex? It's one of my favorite games. Anyway, it's an fps so you don't level up, but you do get skill points to but for your statistics. How does it do it? Well at certain points of the game when you advance, a little window pops up saying something like 'Advance Bonus: 400 Skill Points' Now how would you do this in YOUR rpg? It's quite easy.

Go into your item tab in your Database. (We lazy bums press F8, moving the mouse takes up too much time) Make an item, make it STATUS MANAGER (if you have CMS you can just avoid this), make it a SWITCH option. Set it's price at 0, and description (just an example) 'Uses Skill Points' or something like that. Make the switch it turns on SkillCenter

Make a common event, set it as AUTOSTART and switch condition 'SkillCenter' Now it the box make a wait event, set it to 0.1, then memorize hero position, use 3 new variables, name them anything, they really won't be used anywhere else in the game, you can even name them, ATARI IS THE 1337 MASTER OF THE WORLD! Under that event then, teleport to a map. What map? AH! We need to make it!

Make a new map, call it Skill Center. Make the entire thing Panaroma. Now go into Idraw, make a 320x240, set the squre thingies to 16x16, Make a cool panaroma backround, Then in the 16x16 squares, make a line that is 1 sqaure tall, and about 4 squares wide. Put on the left side of your panaroma. Do one for each of your status things. After the status things, put how many skill pints In the middle and at the bottom, make text in the 16x16 lines that say skill points.

Now make a number charset, if you don't have one made/downloaded already.

Now, in your map, select your new Panaroma for the parralax background. You should see it (if you don't you have to make a new one, sorry) Now in your common event, have it teleport you to your new map, on the first event. Make a new chipset, copy it from another and make the transparent color walkable. Change your skill menu map to that newly saved chipset. Now beside your SKILL POINTS, put your number character sets there. What do you do here? I'll give you an insert from one of my other tutorials and explain
This is edited to fit the tutorial

"x VARIABLE [xxx SkillPoints]
0 - Above (x = check)
That is what it would look like in the event screen. (if you can't find it, it's below the switches thing on the left hand side.
Just copy page, make a new one, change the 0 to a 1 and the event graphic to a one. Just keep on doing that till you get up to 9999"

Variable SkillPoints? Yes! That is your skill point variable. Make it, and when you get more skill points, add it to SkillPoints variable. Now reading that insert, you should figure it out, of course, you don't do the same thing for the other ones, for example the second n or xxnx n= second n, you would only have to do 10, 20, up to 9990, and so on? I won't waste too much time on that part.

After doing that for awhile (yes, it does take a doggone long time) make an event on the first skill point selection, it would be about here. x = event, s = selection
sssss, and so on. In that event, set it to say, "Upgrade the Agility" or whatever. Then show choice with yes no, then make a fork, for example above 500, - 500 skill points (if your first one is 500, you can change these numbers around to fit this), then under the else case
'below 500 skillpoints', then make it say, 'you cannot do this etc.' Now when you can do it, make it upgrade agility by one. How? Go into the event commands and select change ability.

Alright. That should be it. It might seem kinda confusing, but it works. Remember, you can just copy and paste the stuff too.

Good luck
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