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Tutorial - 'Around the Home' by ATARI

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ATARI takes a look at simplistic and mundane things "around the home" that can vastly improve your game's aesthetic qualities! Hooray!


Hi folks, It's ATARI again, tommorow... erm... today, yeh, thats right, I'm gonna talk about Realisic Effects: Around the house (no, It's not that stupid 'fat' joke either)
1. Static on the Tvs
a. Line
b. Snow
2. Pots with boiling water
a. With blue water
b. With Transparent Water
3. Rain outside
a. Raining it
b. Bugs
4. Ending

1. Static On the Tvs
I got this idea from a post I saw in a tutorial, so how do you make your static on the television, well, it's easy, but what kind of static do you want? Snow static or line static? I'll talk about both.

a. Line static:
This is actually quite easy and least time consuming, go into your little idraw, make a small little tv set, copy it into all 3 animation boxes (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you should really see a charset)
Now in the very middle one, make a buncha lines inside the empty space, or the tube of your tv set. How? Well, follow this diagram for an example
Actually you can just place the lines in random places. Now of course, make the lines white, with a little variantion in color (like the first pixel white, then grey white etc.) and so on. Now you're done with your first part. copy everything that is in the tv tube. Simple enough, then paste in in the one on the left. Put it in the tv tube, then switch the last 2 parts (the part under the "" in my diagram and then, cut it (ctrl + x)them, move everything over two pixels, (or whatever) and then paste the "" part where the missing tv stuff is. Then copy what is in the one on the left into the empty space on the tv on the right, then do the same thing as you did in the left one, it should look something kinda like this.



Now put that character set in your house or whever you're tv set is, set it to fixed direction, and watch that static move. Man you'd better get that thing fixed.

B. Snow Static
Now, this kind of static is more realistic than line static, but it's a little bit more time consuming. Make your television character set in idraw and then in the empty space in the middle of the center television, vary it up differen't shades of white and grey , have no two pixel colors alike touching each other. Now copy your static into the television set on the left, cut the last two bottom parts (horizontally), move everything down 2 pixels and paste the cut part at the top, then copy this into the tv on the right and do the same thing.
Now go into your game, put this character set somewhere, set it to FIX DIRECTION and watch that static go. (That's not usually something you hear everyday.)

2. Pots with boiling water.

A . Blue water
This part is mostly filler, but what the heck. Make your little pot, paste it into the three spaces, (l, c, r) now save it, go into a chipset, and copy three different water things into your character set, (make the grid 16x16, and copy 3 water chipsets that are side by side, they should vary from each other) and put them into your pots. Easy enough?

B . Transparent water.
Find a panaroma with a greyish pottish like color to it, copying a 16x16 thing into your character set, put the greyish transparent color into your pots and then just add a couple bubbles in the center pot.
To view these, set them as fixed direction and watch your boiling go. (Not excatly the most common phrase either)

3. Raining outside your window.
A. Raining
Make a window thing on the upper layer part of your chipset, or copy one off another chipset, make the glass transparent. Now in your house chipset, get rid of the water part. You should have a separte house set from the world map, and besides, what kind of a house has ocean water in it? Now copy your grass chipset onto where the water would be, just keep copying it till it fills it up. Now, make little blue lines comming down from the grass on each tile until every grass tile has little blue lines comming down. Now insert this chipset behind your windows. Now you can see it rain on your grass outside.

B. Bugs
Actually, it's more like bug, it's where you can see it rain past the edges of the window (example, [], and you can see rain on the wrong side of the w edge or on the >, < sides), to avoid this, extend your window chipset so the edges reach the very end of the 16x16 sqaures. Now the rain should only be through the window, and not seeable on the sides where the edges end.

4. Ending
I hope this is useful for all of you.
NOTE: If you use this, please give credit to ATARI, you don't have to but I'd appreciate if you did, if you don't i really won't care much anyway.

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