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Tutorial - 'Wind Minigame' by ATARI

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How to create a minigame akin to the "wind" game of Crono Trigger


Hi folks, Its ATARI again, this time I'm gonna talk about how to make a wind mini-game similar to the one in Chrono Trigger? Don't know what I'm talking about? I'll tell ya.

What happens is you're climbing a mountain, and anyway, there is a lot of wind, and like every 4 seconds, if your not behind a tree, you get blown back to the world map.

First, go into your common events tab, make an event called hero slow wind movement. Make it a CALL and in and the event commands go into the move event command, make it move hero speed down twice. Then hit ok. Make another common event, call it hero speed up. Make it move hero speed up 2 times.

Make an event on your map where this happens. Make an autostart event, make it 'call event hero slow wind movement.' Make it play a wind se then turn on switch off auto. Make a new page and set it as push key and it's starting condition is off auto. Close that event

Now go back into your common event tabs. Make an event called 'Wind' set it as parrel process with the starting condition as auto off switch. Now in the event commands put a label event, (for this tutorial it'll be 1) in wait 4.0 seconds. Make a fork option that says if SAFE switch is on or off. If it is on, wait 1.5 seconds then go back to label 1 If it is off, set it to start a slipstream, move hero speed up 2 times and move hero down until they are off the map and then teleport them to the world map and turn off switch auto off.

Now here is a diagram of where to make your safty spots
s=safty spot
n=not safe spots


in your saftey spot event, set it to on hero touch and turn on switch safe, then surrond it with on hero touch events that turn off switch safe.

Now don't forget, use pictures to show the wind, and sound effects to make it even cooler.

That should be it. Don't forget to make more events that just one on that map for saftey places etc and have enough move down events for your hero to go off the map when they aren't in saftey when the powerful wind strikes. I didn't morph in the sound effects and pictures because this is just a basic tutorial.

NOTE: If you use this please give ATARI credit for 'wind mini-game tut'
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