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Tutorial - 'Tips for iDraw' by ATARI

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Hi folks. Its ATARI again, this time I'm going to talk about 'cool text tips for Idraw.'


1. Opening
So you're making your game and you want a snazzy looking title, how do you do it? Well, this tutorial will show you some cool stuff you can do to it to make it really snazzy! Don't forget to look at the pictures (they might be links) at the end of this tutorial to see the examples

2a. Gradient, Light to Dark
What is this? Well if you browse through system sets, you'll see what gradient looks like, if you don't i'll explain briefly.
Gradient bascially is starting out with one shade at the top of the text, and ending with another shade at the bottom. This is how you do it.

Select a color, (just use green for now) and choose a really light green for the text color, put it one your screen. Now beside the green on your plattete, go to the next shade that is darker, or the shade to the right of it. Now go down a few pixels (as in down) insert that darker shade for a few pixes down, then go to the next darker shade and repeat. Choose, down, shade repeat until your are finished with your letter. Now look at it. Doesn't it look snazzy?

2b. Gradient, Dark to Light
Select a color (green) and choose a light color. Then at the top of your letter, make the next few pixels down a darker shade. Then go left a shade of green, and do the same until you are done

2c. Don't have these colors?
If you don't have these colors, open up files until you do, or to save your self some time. Click on a light green and then click then gradient button. (this isn't on my picture) It's located on the plattle color selecter. It's directly left of where the other buttons are (like the square=square, square used) it should be on the far right of it. Then click it, WOW! THATZ A LOTTA SHADES O' GREEN! Thas right! Now try it.

3a Edge Random
Click the 'select rectangle' option from the tool bar (looks like a dotted line rectangle), and then select your letter by make a rectangle around this letter. Choose a color, different from your text color and click the edge button, (kinda looks like a big blob) And click. Now your letter is surronded with a color, do this again with other random colors for a few times, and it should be done

3b. Edge Big Glow
Do the exact same thing except select a shade down from your color, do this a few times, then end with black.

3c. Edge small Glow
Do the exact same thing as Edge Big Glow but less times.

4. Random Lines on it
This is easy enough. Choose a shade different from your color then draw random lines on your text. Easy enough? Move on

5a Shadow Regular
Now this is a bit tricky. RIGHT click on the color you want you're text's shadow to be, the left click on the color you want your text to be. Now insert your text, DON'T CLICK ANYWHERE ON THE PICTURE, Click on the view menu and open the shift picture option. Now click the ^ (up) button once, now look at the shadow! Do as many times as desired.

5b. Top Shadow
Do the same thing, but hit the down arrow

6. Color on the outside, black (or desired color) in the middle
Right click on the color that you want your text, right click on the color you want it to be in the middle. Insert your text and then click on 'selection' and then click edge. Cool! Now there isn't any inside.

7. Conclusion
There are many other things you can do with your text to make it snazzy, these aren't all of them, but they are just some of the many.
Oh Yes! Don't forget to save when you are done!

There are two because they would be two big as one to put together.

Green = examples
Purple = the number of the example
1. Gradient Light to Dark
2. Light to Dark Gradient
3. Random Edge
4. Glowing Big Edge
5. Glowing Small Edge
6. Regular Shadow
7. Top Shadow
8. Random Lines
9. Hollow Inside (number 6 in tut)
10. Shift Picutre Box
11. Text Box
12. Edge Button
13. Tool to use for random lines (the pencil also works to)
14. Something i forgot to take out during screenshot
15. View Tab
16. Selection Tab
17. File Tab to save
18. Plattlete. Grey Line revers to buttons that are left of da gradient button
19. Rectangle Selector

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