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Tutorial - 'Menu Music Change' by Master Mog

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Learn how to easily change in-game music when you go into a menu. Very basic.


*!!WARNING!! This tutorial might cause some lag!*

Have you noticed that in the PS game Legend of Dragoon that when go into the menu, it changes from the current map music into the menu music. Well this is possible in RM2K. First I will show you the coding, then I will explain the rest.

Go into the Database (F8) then go to the common events tab.

Event Start Conditions: Parralel Prosses

Event Commands:
<>Enter Password::[????:Menu Music]
<>Memorize BGM
<>Call System Menu
<>Play Memorized BGM
<>Disable System Menu: Disable
<>Play Memorized BGM
Simple enough, right? So there are 7 event commands you use, so I will explain them step by step:

Step 1: Enter Password: Is what this does is make it so when you press a certain button it will peforme a command. So for this select whatever variable (doesn't matter), check wait untill button hit, and uncheck everything but Cancel (6).

Step 2:Memorize BGM: This makes it so when you exit the menu it will remember the BGM it was playing before you entered the menu.

Step 3:Play BGM:MENU SONG: This is what your menu song will be.

Step 4: Call System Menu: This makes it so that you will go into the menu when you press ESC/0 Ins.

Step 5: Play Memorized BGM: This makes it so that when you exit the menu it will play the BGM it memorized.

Step 6: Disable System Menu: Disable: This I have no clue what it does, but this tutorial stumped me for a bit so I just put it in and it fixed it, so just add it!

Step 7: Play Memorized BGM: Believe me, just repeat this step!

Well I hope this tutorial could be of some use. Remeber this *MAY cause lag*.