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Tutorial - 'Box Art in Photoshop' by lithium

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Want to make your game look pretty? Make some Box Art, and I'll show you how.


Box Art in Photoshop
For Version 7 (I've only tested this in the named version, so I don't know if it'll work in any others)


First, you are going to have to MAKE the art (you can use any program, with any width - but use common sense). Make a front cover (with the title name, flashy graphics what have you) and save it as a .jpg file. Then make a side cover (as above with your own personal effects) and save that as a .jpg file. Again, make a top box cover work with whatever and save that as a .jpg file.


Now, open Photoshop (remember, version 7 is the only version I've tested this on) along with your front cover and side cover. Open a new picture that is slightly larger in pixels than your front cover.

Now it is time for the hardest part. Create a new layer, and then go to Filter; Render; and the option "3D Transform" will be presented to you. Click on the 3D Transform and select the cube tool. Then drag it until it looks something like a tower (make sure that the RIGHT side, not the left is being focused). Then use your Direct Selection Tool to drag the lower left corner box until it forms a software, CD or book structure.


Now, with the box made it is time to move it around. Use your trackball tool to maneuver the box to your needs. Make sure that at the end of this step that each of the three showing sides has a different shade of gray (it helps for the viewer to determine which way each side of the box is going).


Take your front cover (make sure it is in .jpg format), and select the Move Tool, and drag the cover work onto the 3D box. Hit Enter to make it final. If you need to, reduce the opacity of the cover layer.

Now you can mold it. Go to Edit; Transform; and you will be presented with the option "Distort". Use the boxes at the far corners to stretch the cover work to the each edge at the front of the box. You can repeat this step for the side cover work and box top cover work (of course, you assign it to the corresponding side of the box, don't drag it all to the front of the box you foget.

And TADA, you've just made a 3D box art, which you can show off to all of us GW kiddies.

To see what you should sort of come up with at the end of all this mess: Click Here.