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Tutorial - 'Hero on Map' by MasterDarkNinja

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How to make a Make a Map that tracks where your hero is.


Here is how to make the map that tracks the hero

1. On the 3rd page of the event editor click on "label" and put in "label 1" this will help make the map move with you as you walk instead of jumping around by 1 pixel annoying everytime that you move.

2. On the 2nd page of the event editor click on "wait" and make it wait "0.0 seconds", this is to reduce lag.

3. Click on show picture on the 2nd page of the event editor, this is where that your map that you make in the idraw (or I use the idraw since it's easier) should be.
to make the map appear at the upper left corner you must know the height and width of the map, take that and then divide it by 2, then add 2 (for reasons said later). whatever you get for the Height make it the Y variable and what you get for width make the X variable.
for now throw in any smaller picture temporary and come back to this step later when you know how to use the map tracking way.
Make the map be 50% transparent so that you can see through that area of the map well enough, make this be picture 1.

4. Make 2 variables, label one of them "hero's X coordinate, label the other "hero's Y coordinate".

5. click on "change variable" on the first page of the event editor, select "Hero's X coordinate", next move down the variable page,
at the 2nd last choice there is something labeled "event", click on that thing's circle next to it, next select hero, then scroll down to X coordinate.

6. Repeat step 5 but do it Y coordinates instead of X coordinates.

7. Add +2 to the X and Y coordinate variables because if your going left or up then 2 pixels can be cut off of the map.

8. Click on show picture on the 2nd page of the event editor once again, click on the "by variable" circle and then for the X and Y coordinates there put your own hero X and Y variables there.
now this time you should select something that shows your hero on the map, while 1x1 would be great for this job it just isn't big enough, later make one that's 3x3 or 5x5. for now put in any really tiny picture there. make this picture be 50% transparent as well, also make this picture be picture 2.

9. On the 3rd page of the event editor click on "goto label" and add in "go to label 1". this will make the event repeat itself better.

10. Make this map event of yours be on parallel process and give it no conditions to happen unless you want your hero to have to find a map for it to work.

Okay now you have a Map that tracks your hero, this ends the tutorial