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Tutorial - 'FF8 Style-Weapon Upgrade System' by Guest

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A beginner's tutorial on setting up a weapon upgrade system akin to that of FF8


OK,for this particualr set up,you will need to use and follow some of the following:

Make sure you have a menu chipset!This is like 24 outta 32 vertabrae in the
backbone of this!(Note:I have no clue how many vertabrae you have.)

Make for all the characters in your game,do not have an increasing Strength/Power statistic.Make it one basic/beginning stat,for it will increase through my system.

Make sure in the Database of your game,under vocabulary,the weapon part isn't called weapon.Deem it all caps to say EQUIPMENT: My routine doesn't use the equipping of weapons.Only armour and other stuff.If you want,put in the heros' weapon in the Degree slot in the database.

OK,now you have made sure those are completed,now to the actual masterpiece ;) .

Step #1 & 1 1/2
OK,Make a variable for each of the playable characters in your RPG.Example "Variable 0001:[Bob Weapon Level]" and so on for each character.Next make a list of items,categorized as Common Goods,no price.These will be your "Refinement Items."You can have the player attain these in anyway your heart desires.

Using your nice Menu chip,make a map that looks like a menu.Fancy it up anyway you like,and make sure in your game,you have imported a cursor character set.This is semi-vital.Got your menu map done?Go on then.

Step #3
Make an event that has the hero GFX.The easiest way is to have the hero teleported onto this map is by just using Memorize Position and teleport here and changing the heros GFX to the cursor.Anyways,for this event,make it below hero,Push Key,and make as many pages as you want for weapons,and one for one stating no further upgrade.OK,now on the second page,for Event Start Conditions,click on Variable,then,if Variable XXXX:[Hero1 Weapon Level](or whatever the main heros variable is)- 2 Equal to or Greater Than,and so one for each page.(Ex:Pg3-the variable is three,etc.)Now make on the top show a message that says something like:

(The heros faceset along with this would add to it)
Current Weapon:(Type and/or Weapons Name)
Next Weapon:(Next Weapon Type and/or Name)
Cost to Synthesize:(Cost here)
Item Needed:(Item Name)

Then after that,have show choice:

Under yes case,have a Fork with an else case and have the Fork say:If Item:(Item Name here) Has It.Then in its else case say:You need (Item Name Here.)
Inside the Fork you just created,have another Fork with an else case say:Fork Optn:Money (amount needed here).In this ones Else case,say message:You need (amount needed money.)Inside this Fork,have it play an anvil sound,increase the heroes strength,and subtract amount of money needed and the item needed,chnage the Heros Weapon Level Variable +1,then,if you want show some fancy animation on the event.

Now,copy all this data on to each page except the last.Change all the Variable amounts accordingly to what you want.On the last page,have it say something like,"Weapon cannot synthesize further."

Now copy this WHOLE event and change the GFX and paste one event for each character.Change everything accordingly,except,have each page and event have,
"(heros name here) Need" clicked.

OK,That's it.I assume you already know how to work Memory Place and stuff.If not,read the HELP FILE!