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Tutorial - 'Metal Gear Solid ACTION!' by dragonheartman

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Ok, this is a tutorial on two things, creating guards, and having some infrared lazers!


Okey, this is a tutorial on two things, creating guards, and having some infrared lazers!
This is my second tutorial, so I'm gonna aim this one towards newbies and nmake it short and straight to the point.

The Map_______________________
Okay, you are gonna want a cool map depending on how you want the guards (Patrol or Madman). I think you can use your imagination on the map.

THE GUARDS!____________________
Patrol type_________

Make a guard to patrol around a certain area of the map by making the guard move "By it's route", then set the route and the frequency and speed as you will.
Make event start conditions common touch. and under events command make it play a sound or whatever, and then teleport you to some sort of captive area (jail, prison,ect...). Thats up to you...
Now make a number of events equal to how far you want your guard to see. these events need to "lead" the guard in his patrol route, the events will basically move with the guard with no graphics. You need to set these routes equal in frequency and speed as the guard. Make the events command show a message: "Who's That!" and teleport you to the captive area you made earlier.

Madman type_________
These guards just run towards the hero at a given pace by "step towards hero" at any speed.Make the event start condition "common touch" and do similar events like the patrol guards....yeah, you get the idea, right?

(optional) Combination_____________
Make a new event on your patrol guard and his "vision events" to "change switch" madman ON set. Make a new page with the event start when Madman ON. This page of events make it the same as your madman guard, thus making the guard chase you

Infrared Lazers________________________
In idraw, make an upper mode chipset of a red line going horozontally across a square. Also make a new common event with start conditions "switch goggles ON" And as the event, make it set the screen tone. Crank down all the colors. Leave Chroma and red at 100%.
Now, make an item to change switch goggles ON. Name the item infrared goggles or something snazzy.
Now you make a small passageway. Put an event blocking the way, with no graphics. Start conditions to hero touch and make that event play an alarm sfx (can also change your "Madman" switch on). That will be your lazer. Copy the page and paste it onto a new page with start conditions to "goggles" switch ON. The only difference with this page is set the graphics to your red line. this is the infrared lazer!

What you made was a cool Minigame type thing, and personally, I think RPGs need more minigames. So, enjoy, and GO RPGENIUS! Have fun!!!