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Tutorial - 'Collectibles Tutorial' by DemonMoogle

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So you want to have some sort of ingame collectible like the trading cards of Final Fantasy 8 or the coins in Final Fantasy 9? Well, this tutorial teaches you an easy way of doing just that.


You should be familiar with fork conditions, goto label and creating
items for this one.


This tutorial creates a set of collectibles that need
to be obtained by possessing a certain item, like you
need to have a pokeball to catch a pokemon.
How you want your collectibles to be is up to you, but
let's just use the pokemon example.

Start with setting up a shop to serve as the place
where you exchange your collectibles to prizes and
buy the items needed to obtain your collectible.

Create an npc event as the shop keeper, and
create an item used to obtain the collectible

eg. Empty Pokeball.

Also decide how many different collectibles you want.
Let's start by making four different types.

eg. Earth Pokemon, Wind Pokemon, Water pokemon and
Fire Pokemon.

Now create an item for each of these.


Now we need to setup the NPC event.

Start by adding a greeting like

msg.: Hi, welcome to the pokemon shop.

Now add a choice like:

msg.: Do you know what a pokemon center is?

add some explaining text under the no option, and
add a message like: Oh, ok. under the Yes option,
and add a goto label 1 at the end of both options.

Now you need to setup the actual shopping menu.

Add a label 1 here, so you automatically jump to
the menu after the first introduction.


Now add a choice section with the following:

>Tell me about pokemons.
>Buy a pokeball.
>I'd like to turn in a pokemon.

Set the option 4 (nevermind) to cancel option.

Option 1:
Under the >Tell me about... option, add
all the text you like, and end it with a goto label 1,
to have you return to the menu again.

OPtion 2:
Insert a fork condition with the value >money 5 or above.
and then under the else case add some text like: You don't have
enough money! and then a Goto label 1, to have you return to the

Under the success option you use the change gold held command
to decrease the party gold by 5,
and then add the item >Empty Pokeball that you created.
End the option with a Goto Label 1 to have you return to the menu.

(PLEASE NOTE! I'm skipping the fluf text like "You bought a pokeball"
because I figure you know how to add that. Otherwise this tutorial would
be VERY long.)

Option 3:
This is where the real fun begins.
Now add a second Choice option with the following:
>Exchange Earth pokemon
>Exchange Wind Pokemon
>Exchange Water Pokemon
and set the cancel option to >Add case.

Then under the "more..." option you add another choice option
with the following:
>Exchange Fire Pokemon
>I don't have a pokemon yet.
And set the second option to cancel option, and add a Goto label 1
under it, to have you return to the menu.

Now we have the four options for the four pokemons we caught.
I'm only going to explain how to do one, as you basically
copy and paste it to the other four options, and just change the
settings for the different items etc.


Under the option "Exchange Earth Pokemon you add the following:

Fork condition set to: Item - Earth pokemon (you did create that item
didn't you?) - has it.

Under the else case you add some text like:
msg.: You don't have that!
And a Goto Label 1 to return to the menu.

Now...Under the success condition you add the following:
> Fluff text.
> Add item - Earth pokemon - Remove.
> Add item - Potion (or whatever you want the prize to be.) - Add.
> Add some fluff like a sound effect and/or a battle animation.
> Add some fluff text like "You got a potion."
> Goto label 1.

So now you have an event that allows you to turn in an Earth pokemon
if you have one, and exchange it for a potion prize.

Do the same for each of the other Exchange options
only with different pokemons - Wind, Water and Fire (duh!)
and prizes.

That pretty much wraps up the core of the collectibles system.

All you have to do now is find a secret area in your game and
ad the collectible bu doing the following:


Create an event for the pokemon you want. let's keep using
the Earth pokemon.

Have it set to random movement or whatever you like, and
add the following to the event.

> Fork condition: Item - Empty Pokeball - Has Item.

Under the ELSE case add:

> msg.: You can't catch the pokemon. You need something to catch
it in!

And under the success case add:

> Add item - Empty pokeball - remove
> Add item - Earth pokemon - Add
> Have some fluff like a sound effect and/or
battle animation play.
> Change switch - Earth pokemon 1

Add a new page and set the switch to the "Earth pokemon 1".
Change the graphics to a blank, and have it stop moving.

So now you have setup a pokemon to catch that can only
be caught if you have the pokeball from the shop, and when
you catch it, it disappears so you can't catch it over and
over again.

Apply the same to the other pokemons, and there you go.


This is just one way to do a collectibles system for your game
and it can easily be expanded or changed.
You can also create a collectibles system that doesn't need
an item to be obtained, by simpling leaving out all the fork
conditions, so you just have to pick up a hidden item, and then
get it exchanged in the shop by using the fork conditions
as described above.

Have fun.