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Tutorial - 'Easy Save Points' by ElementZero

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A simple tutorial on making save points.


How to make a REALLY easy save point

I. Intro

What this will do is make it so that you can't save unless you're at a save point.

II. Versions

I have two different versions. One asks you if you want to save or use a tent. The other just makes a ding sound life ff6 and allows you to use a tent.

III. Code

This save point asks you if you want to save or use a tent.
Start off by making a parralel proccess Event somewhere.
Now add this
< >Disable Save: Disable

Your code should be only that.

Now for the save point.

Make a save point somewhere. make it Below Hero, and give it a nice graphic. Now to code it.

< >Messge:The save crystals are shining for you...
: :
: :\..\..\..Do you wish to save?
< >Show Choice: Save Game/Use a Tent/Cancel - make the cancel case choice 3
:[Save Game] Case
< >Call Save Menu
< >
:[Use a Tent] Case
< >FORK Optn:Tent Item Got - Add Else case
< >Memorize BGM
< >Add/Remove Item:Tent-> 1 Decrease
< >Play BGM: Inn3
< >Flash Screen: (Red00, Green00, Blue00, Power31), 8.0sec(wait until done)
< >Fade-Out-BGM: 10s
< >Recover: All Members - Recovery
< >Play Memorized BGM
< >
:ELSE Case
< >Messg: You don't have a tent to rest.
< >
:END Case
< >
:[Cancel] Case
< >
:END Case
< >

Now for the Other version. It is a bit more complicated, but is still easy.
Make an Autostart event.
Now put this in it.
< >Disable Save: Disable
< >Change Switch: [????:nosaves]-ON set
Now make page 2, make it push key, and near the top left make it
Switch: [????:nosaves] -ON

Now for the save point.
On Hero Touch and Below Hero
< >Play SE: Success2
< >Disable Save: Enable
< >Change Switch: [????:TentUsable]-ON set (We'll talk about this later on)

Now, make an event everywhere around the save point, so that way, when they walk away from the save point, they land on this new event.
IE: (E=the event we're about to make, S=save point)

So, in our new event, make it on Hero Touch, below Hero, and here is the code
< >Disable Save" Disable
< >Change Switch:[????"TentUsable]-OFF set

Now to make our tent!
Press F8 to go to the database (this may sound hard, but it is somple, don't worry.
Go to items. Make a new item. If you don't have room, press the max field number button and add 1
Make the item called 'Tent'
Make its classification Switch.
Explanation Doesn't Matter
Price Doesn't matter
Use number of times = 1
ON switch needs to be [????:Tent]

now that you've made that, go to Common Events.

make a new event called Tent. Make it AutoStart and make its Appearance Conditions Switch the [????:Tent] switch that you just made.
In the Events Commands it shuld look like this.
< >FORK Optn:Switch [????:TentUsable] - ON
< >Memorize BGM
< >Play BGM: Inn3
< >Flash Screen: (Red00,Green00,Blue00,Power31), 8.0sec (Wait until done)
< >Fade-Out BGM: 10s
< >Full Recovery: All Members - Recovery
< >Play Memorized BGM
< >
:ELSE Case
< >Messge:You can't use this here.
< >Add/Remove Item:Tent->1 Increase
< >
:END Case
< >Change Switch: [????:Tent]-OFF Set
< >

THERE! Now you're done! Test out your tent item and save point!

If you would like to download an in-game tutorial click here.
If the above link doesn't work, go to