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Tutorial - 'Stealing made E-Z' by GG Crono 4

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An easy stealing-skill tutorial!


Step 1:Create two swtiches, call them "Steal" and "Stolen", and a variable, "StealOdds".

Step 2:Make a skill called "Steal" that turns on the switch of the same name.
If you don't want to make an animation for it, (which I don't like to, personaly),
The RTP sound effect "Evasion2" makes a good steal sound.

Step 3:Create a page for a monster party event. You might want to use a blank one,
so you can just copy and paste it as needed.

Step 4:Set up the page as follows:
Event start condition:"Switch 'Steal' ON"
(Insert your Steal animation here, if you have one)
FORK:Switch "Stolen" ON:
Show message "Has nothing!"
Variable:"StealOdds"-Choose ramdom variable 1-5. (I use this for an example. It can be 1-any number. The rarer the item, the higher the number)
FORK:Variable "StealOdds"- Exactly 1
Add Item "Potion" (Again, just an example)
Show message "Stole a potion!"
Change Switch "Stolen" ON.
Show message "Couldn't steal!"
Change Switch "Steal" OFF

Setp 5:Make a common event. Set it to AutoStart, and set it's start condition to "Switch 'Stolen' ON', and make it's command "Change switch 'Stolen' OFF".

And there you have it! An effective steal tech in 5 easy steps!
I'd like to give a special thanks to Jason Godding, who helped me work the bugs out of this. Thanks, man!