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Tutorial - 'MGS style communications system' by ATARI

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How to create a communications system from the great game MGS!


Hi folks, its ATARI again, this time I'm going to talk about how to make a MGS style

1. The tutorial
First part you need to do is make your characters face into a picture. You'll also need
other peoples faces for this tutorial, we'll only use one. Second part you need to do is
make number pictures 0-9, and arrow button pictures. One that points up, one that points
up and is lighter (ex: if you choose green, you would make this one a lighter green), one
that points down and a lighter one that points down. You'll then also need a . picture.

Next thing you'll need to do is make an item, set it to 'switch' call it 'communicator' make
it turn on switch 'Communication.' Then go into the common events tab, make an event
called communicator, set it as a autostart and starting switch is 'communication.' Now
once thats done, double click in the empty space in the common event.

Now the first thing that you want is a wait. Set it to wait 0.1 seconds. Then memorize
hero position. Make the variables 'herocom1' 'herocom2' and 'herocom3' and use those
are the 3 variables to memorize. Now click apply and close this window.

Make a new map. Set it to totally black. Call it communicator. Save and go back to your
common event.

Below memorize hero position, make a 'set herowalk grfx' event, set it to the blank
spaces on the chubby 02 character set. Set the Click okay, fade out screen, wait 0.1 then
teleport to the communications event. Now show your number and arrow (regular)
pictures. Set the number pictures to 1.00, those are the starting frequencies. Show the
screen again. Now make a variable called 'ComFreq' Set it to 100, then make another
variable called 'keyboardpas' don't display these on the common events. Hit apply and
the click okay and then go to your map.

Make an event, call it ‘nomenu’ set it to parallel process, and make it disable system

Make an event, call it com buttons. Set it to parallel process. Make an enter password
event. Check the (1,2,3,4) box, the (5), and the (6) box. Don't check the wait button. Hit
OK. Make a fork option, that says if variable keyboardpas is one (Down), then set it
below to do subtract 1 to the variable 'ComFreq', erase the regular down arrow pic and
show the light down arrow picture, wait 0.3 seconds, erase that and show the regular
arrow pic again. Then In the else case, make it if is set 4, make it add one to variable
'ComFreq' and then do the same thing with the pics except for make them the ‘up’ arrow
pics. Then make it if the variable is set 6 it fades the screen, teleports to memorized hero
position fades in and allows menu again. We are going to save the 5 variable for later.
You'll see why.

Make a new parallel process event. Now make a forkoption that if variable ComFreq is
101, that it displays the 1.01 pictures. keep doing this up to 1.99. Now make it that if
variable ComFreq is 200, make it set to 100 and change the pictures to the 1.00. Now
make it that if the variable is 99, it is set to 199 and display the 1.99 pictures. Once your
done with that. Hit okay and open up the Com Buttons event.

Now in the com buttons event, make a variable that if the password variable is 5 and that
if variable ‘ComFreq’ is 105 (we’ll use 1.05 frequency for this tutorial) It displays both
face sets on the left and right side. Set the magnification to zero. In the next event, make
it a move picture and make it magnify the pictures by 100. Make the movement time 2.
Then display your text message of what you want your hero to say. Then when their
done. Make a movepic event, set move time to 2 and demaginfy both pics to 0. wait 0.1
then erase.

Finally, In all those empty frequency forks, put a message that says, ‘no response’

Okay, that should be it. To get different talking messages mess around with switches to
make them part of fork options when you choose frequencies. So when in between the
105 ComFreq variable switch and the keyboardpas, you could put a fork switch like
‘level 5’ that turns on in a later point in the game so you get a different message from
Frequency person at 1.05

2. Adding Static
To advance it more. Make a picture thats the same size as the faceset pictures your
using. Make some static, to do this, please read my ‘around the home’ tutorial. Then
after you’ve made all these different pics. Then make a common event called static. Call
it ‘static moments’ set it to parallel process, and in it make a cycle, then under it, set it to
wait 0.3 seconds, then under that, make it + 1 to variable ‘staticmoments’ (you’ll have to
make it of course) then, make a fork that says if staticmoments = 3, (the number of pics
you have) set it to 0.

Now when you activate the facesets, make it turn on switch ‘static moments’ Then turn
on switch ‘static moments.’ Now make another event, set it to parallel process, in it,
make a fork option that says, ‘if staticmoments variable = 1, display the first static pic,’
then make another, make it ‘if staticmoments variable = 2, display the second static
picture’ and do the same for the third. Make them display on top of the face sets. Make
them about 90% transparent. Have them erase when you erase the facesets, then turn of
the static moments switch.

3. Sidenotes
Don’t forget, this is a basic version, so you can add extra frequencies, and such.

4. Credits
If you use this, give credit to ATARI in your game credits for the tutorial
“Even the greatest gamers were n00bs.”