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Tutorial - 'Easy way of making battle animations' by kenny326

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A tutorial on creation animations for use in rm2k battles.


Easy way of making battle animations.

Here is a way to make your very own battle animations step by step very easy. Ok, first you will need paint shop pro (a good one would do) iDraw.

1: Make a new page. The width should be 480 pixels and the Height should be 192 pixels. For the background colour choose Black and for the Image type choose 16.7 million colours (24 bit) and click ok.

2: Ok, now that’s the page done, now for a grid. Go to View -> Change Grid and Size Properties. On the units bit change it to pixels. Then for the Horizontal and vertical spacing, type in 100. On the ‘Snap’ part check the Upper left circle. Leave the snap influence in pixels as 15. Finally check the ‘Snap to grid’ box and click on ok.

Done! Draw each animation in a box.

3: Now for to Convert it because RM2K don’t allow 24 bit pictures. Copy the whole picture of the animations and paste it in iDraw. Save it and voila! Your very own easy way of making battle animations.

(I got this idea from one of DarkPriest’s Tut so thanks!)