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Tutorial - 'Making a Robot' by dragonheartman

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It's about making a robot. Seriously, just read it ;_;


haha, don't laugh at the title, but basically this is one of those "why didn't I think of that" tutorials.
It is a tutorial on having a robot on your party, and instead of it gaining levels, you have to buy it parts to raise it's stats.

Just make a character in your database, and make him have low stats (10HP, 10 MP, 10 power,ect.), and make sure max level is ONE. Give him a cool walk gfx and faceset, too. Name him
ASIMO or something, and he needs a faceset too. (he could be immune to poison and other ailments, also)

There, a robot has just been made, now make some items to raise his stats, I dunno what to name them, just not apples, okay (hahaha). Now set the items to raise the stats of whatever you want (oh, material classification, by the way), and hero enabled exorcism only on the robot. you can make those each an individual stat, like one item to raise just the 'bots HP, or something similar. Or you could make an item like COM LV1 that raises all of the robot's stats, and then make COM LV2 (more expensive), and so on. Those COM items should be one of a kind.

Well, I got the idea for this tutorial from final fantasy legends III, I think... Thanks for reading, I just wanted to make a NEW tutorial that isn't already on GW.

-dragonheartman (his 3rd tutorial!)

bringing you a "why didn't I think of that" tutorial